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    Thanks for the prompt reply – ah, you all seem like a nice bunch. I have to go home now (It’s 6.12pm over here now and I’m still "at work".

    Will let you all know about the fantastic "J Days" next time…maybe they will catch on when you here about them!

    Thanks again & cheerio for now.


    Bucky Ramone

    Welcome on board from Holland, from someone also "still at work" (7.17 pm over here… <img> )



    Welcome to the boards AndrewD <img>
    Hope you enjoy the boards and hope to read more posts from you <img>



    I would also highly recomend checking this site often. I should probably learn a little bit and sign up for the newsletter.

    I learned this the hard way as checked back on this site only a few days ago to see "Oklahoma City, 06/29" under "tour dates." Living in Tulsa, I get to see about three good concerts a year, and Willie Nelson is ALWAYS one of them. I missed JMascis b/c I didn’t check this site often enough. He played in Oklahoma, and I missed it.

    God, the guilt is crushing.



    First of all – as this is my 1st post – I ought to say how grateful I am for this web site. Have been a huge Dinosaur / J fan for years now (first heard them doing a BBC Peel Session in early ’89). It is a superb site <img> and the mailing list is a God send for somebody as eager as I am for J news.

    Can’t wait for the new album to arrive – J continues to blow EVERYTHING else out of the water when it comes to songwriting. Am looking forward (UNDERSTATEMENT!!!) to seeing J live again next time he comes to the UK – last saw him in Nottingham in a very small venue. Every time I see them live I think they (he!) couldn’t get any better!

    Anyway, nice to know there are so many others out there that enthuse over all things J as much as I do.

    PS : Saw the note in one of the emails that J may be doing a diary on the site. This is a very good idea. I’d love to know more about J’s current state of mind.

    Thanks to those of you that bothered reading this whole post!

    PPS : Have many stories to share concerning "J Days". A concept thought up and acted out by me and a few Dino fans in our late teens….maybe next time… <img>




    Hey Andrew,

    Welcome to FreakScene, always cool to hear someone elses enthusiasm for all things J. Those J days sound pretty interesting, hope we get to hear about them sometime. <img>

    Hope you have heard one of the new songs thru our ftp servers…everybody let me down, think its still available.

    Good to hear you enjoy the newsletters, we get a thrill out of putting them together…team effort <img>

    Hope to see you around the board,

    Allison <img>



    Hey JJ,

    OUCH, that had to hurt <img> You can sign up for the newsletter… thru these yahoo links We hope to get away from the yahoo system at some point…sign up and never miss J news/tour info again <img>

    Allison <img>

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