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    More Light Review


    published: 02 NOV 2000 – The Rage
    J Mascis & The Fog
    More Light
    ©2000 Ultimatum Music

    There can’t be a more precarious position in the music business than "guitar hero." While there are some perks (when was the last time you saw the hottest girl in the club go home with the bass player?) and some leeway (you don’t have to sing all that well if you can shred up a storm), the pressure has to be unbelievable. Especially if one of your contemporaries iconizes you in one of their songs, as Sonic Youth did to Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis on the 1988 single Teen Age Riot.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a more ironic title than More Light for Mascis’ first post-Dino Jr. solo output, as Mascis’ perpetually downcast visage is his other legendary feature. But, as you might expect, the guitar work here is a bright spot, with Mascis’ instrumental histrionics stepping out on top of a surprising set of power pop tunes. Mixer/hitmaker Jack Joseph Puig (Hole, Semisonic, Jellyfish … and, light years ago, Amy Grant) shows up to twiddle the first single, Where’d You Go, but the rest of the record actually presents Mascis’ guitar in a more natural setting with the track.

    It’s a stretch to call this a "fun" record, but the sonic chances taken make it a good headphone listen, and it should be interesting to see how the road version of "The Fog" (Mascis, ex-fIREHOSE-r Mike Watt and ex-Dino drummer George Berz) pulls these songs off live.

    – Lucas Hendrickson

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