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    School has started again. I’m going 5 days a week, starting at 9:00 in the morning. The good part: I’ve got art of film on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. The bad part: I’ve got an old, tenured, astronomy teacher who doesn’t care for my smart alecky comments. We’re watching "Citizen Kane" in art of film right now. It’d be a good movie if we we’d watch more than ten minutes at a time. Just when you get into it, clik! "ok, did you notice the deep focus cinematography. . . "

    My social life: . . . hmm. . . nothing. . . I have not heard from my friends in a while, I may be going to the midnight movie tommorow (they’re either showing Trainspotting or the Goonies, I forget which one it is this week) A theater has taken to showing oldish movies on friday night at 11:30 (okay, it isn’t a true midnight movie, so sue me.)

    My Love life.. . . even less. I’m kind of confusing myself here. I say I don’t really want a girl right now, but I may be fooling myself. It’s all so very confusing. I don’t think any of the girls at this school are my type. That’s two years of looking talking there. Community colleges just don’t have a bohemian scene. Damn!
    Forget that last sentance. Don’t want any labeling now do we? but seriously, all of the cute girls around here are utter snots. Or is it that I’m a slob?



    Don’t confuse ‘labels’ with ‘adjectives’, dear.

    Perhaps you don’t know how to play well with girls, or something. <img> Always directing negative energy at me regarding one post I made several months ago.

    nothin but love,


    Long Distance Drunk

    Annnnyway…I feel your pain, Malc. I went to a small (1100 students) private, conservative school in deepest darkest redneck PA. When we used to go to meals everyone stared at me & my friends when we walked in. Even though it was 1994 and we looked like we walked out of Soundgarden or Pantera video. It didn’t suck too bad except for the ladies. If there aren’t too many bohemian girls there, try and bring a "normal" over to your side. That’s the best…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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