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    Well I put off writing this report for lack of anything occuring. But nonetheless, here’s an analysis of the "not much" that’s been occuring.

    -About three weeks ago I finished summer school. THE BIG PAPER netted myself a "b" in the class. Not what I wanted (a straight "A" report card would have been nice, even with one class <img> ) but good nonetheless. It’s rather funny how the one weekend you are too busy to do anything is the same weekend everybody is going out.

    -My TWO WHOLE WEEKS of summer vacation has gone very well, thank you for asking. Except I’m "out of the loop" socially.

    -I went out with a friend and his posse last night, and I’m left a bit perplexed. These guys are all around my age, and playing RPG’s and Warhammer. I’m left feeling a bit perplexed about this sort of thing. Especially after I pointed out how much money they drop on it. My friend replied with something about how much I spend on guitars (I currently own five). I’ve always looked down on roleplaying/LARP/War Games/Hero Clix/Magic Cards/whatever as an expensive waste of time, but now I’m wondering if I’m no better in my own way.

    -I’m feeling my singleness once again. <sighs> Just when you stop careing, you go out in public and everything starts over again.

    -Going to a crappy punk show tonight. This is the longest eight hour shift I’ve worked in years



    i been waitin’ and not patiently evil malkie…
    dude i thought ya knew grades don’t matter really dude it is size that matters, uh huh.
    and ’bout bein’ left a bit perplexed, don’t lie, i reckon you like it on the periphery, don’t ya?
    and everybody has their addiction whether it be role playin or guitars or cute boys. so go out and have fun and be yourself malcontent. i dig crappy punk shows you whiner!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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