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    -In our headlining story: I will be going to Summer Namm 2002 in Nashville this weekend. NAMM, for those who don’t know, is the National Assosiation of Music Merchants. And a NAMM show is where all the big (and smallish) corporations display their new toys. <img> And only those of us (me) with the conections (my dad) can get in. <img> I’ll give a full report when I get back.

    -In other news. Amanda and I are "just friends" for real now. This means that I’m still madly in love with her, but officially know I have a whelks chance in hell of ever being recipricated.

    – I was bit by a tick last week, and now have limeys disease. I’ve been using words like "Telly," "Bollocks," and "snogging" in everyday conversation without even thinking about it. If I’m not treated soon I fear begin understanding the rules of Cricket and thinking kippers are a good breakfast.

    – Amanda and I are almost certainly going to catch the Eternal Sunshine tour when they come to the pagaent. <img>

    -And finally, If I begin dissapearing around here, don’t worry. I’ve got a hellish Research project starting up. LIke 50% of my final grade hellish.



    Malc-looking forward to a NAMM report,maybe you`ll get to go to the Grande Old Opry too <img>
    Too bad about you and Amanda,at least you know where you stand with her,just play Sure Not Over You by Dino alot,it might help a bit <img> <img>
    Research projects can be hellish <img> just take your time with it and try not to get too stressed about it,take enough time out to relax,you problably know that,just reminding you <img> <img>



    Mother would never let me use the word "telly". Wasn’t too keen on me saying bollocks or snogging either come to think of it. Have never in my life had kippers for brekkie. Rules of cricket are simple – somone chucks a ball at you, you twat it, if it goes straight over the boundary without bouncing, 6 runs, with, 4 runs, or else you get as many runs as possible between the two sets of stumps. If someone catches you, you’re out, if someone hits your stumps with the ball whilst bowling, you’re out, if the ball hits your legs and will pitch in line with the stumps (ie your legs are preventing you being balled out) you’re out (LBW – leg before wicket).

    Shame ’bout Amanda, kiddo, but chin up. There’s a lot worse things in this world than being friends with a girl you like. I dread to think how many girls I’ve liked who I haven’t really known, and certainly haven’t known me, so at least you’re one up on me there. Who knows what’ll happen next time you get her horribly drunk and she gets all emotional?

    Have fun at the musicy-thingy-whodjamawhatsit.

    To take limey disease one step further, perhaps consider slipping these pearls into discourse.

    cor blimey, guvnor.
    it’s brass monkeys in ‘ere.
    tally ho!




    Hey Malcom,

    Looking forward to that NAMM report as well, have fun!!! I think Memphis is only a couple hours away… Graceland <img>

    That friend thing with Amanda has gotta hurt, hopefully less raw/painful as the days go on. <img>

    Good luck on that project <img>




    malcontent have fun at this clearly veddy chi-chi special event and do try to act the wanker and make lots of enemies. oh i believe, you probably already know this weekend in nashville the DR WHO convention is being held next door to NAMM so don’t forget to wear your scarf, celery, cravat or whatnot… i wonder malkie, do you think the pain/ experience from this unrequited love for ‘manda might finally make a song, eh? friends are good things to have and keep, or not. you could try to get her horriblydrunk as jav suggests? i dunno, it would definately work on me.
    tally freakin’ ho



    Hey Malc-man… The proper ratio is 3 quarters charm, and 1 quarter mind control… These are exact proportions, do not deviate or you will not achive desired results…

    Too little mind control and you’ll just be friends (likely your problem.)

    Even worse, too much mind control, and you got zombies on your hands… and you DON’T want zombies!!! They’re big trouble, just ask Allison, if you don’t want to take my word for it… She’ll back me up… I mean, come on… They eat brains!

    Anyway, do you mind sharing with us exactly how you know that you and Amanda are just friends… Did you actually discuss this? Or did you ever tell her how you feel (as I advised earlier)… I’ll not have you skating out of this one so easily…

    It will take some tact, though… You don’t want to scare her off…




    I always agree with Mattman <img> Too much mind control is always a problem, especially when both parties are playing that game. Dangerous game that can turn people into mindless -> brain eating zombies You always have to be very careful with mind control techniques…takes practice and you should have a license of some sort <img>

    So like Mattman said, are you sure your sure about where things stand, did you ever break down and be honest with her…curious in canada <img>

    Wonder if Malc is gonna test out that limey speak thing he has going on at the conference next door <img>


    <small>[ 07-19-2002, 08:16 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>




    Fancy a drink or two?

    ha ha



    you bloody well know i do, yes javro, thank you… and i do fancy the bubbly stuff from france.

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