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    Ah yes, another monologue (or is it a solilquiy?) from the midwest.

    Went out with my dearest ‘manda last Friday, we went out and had pizza (mushroom and Pepperoni, st louis style) and then rented a movie. I wanted to get "Harold and Maude" but we ended up with "Return to Oz" The dialogue went something like what follows

    Me (pointing to tape): This movie freaked me out when I was four or five

    ‘Manda-Lets get it.

    So I was faced with the thrilling prospect of remembering disembodied heads screaming and wheelers zipping around headless statues, the biggest thing I remember know was the inconsistancy of the special effects. And how Dorothy managed to lose a few years and the inclination to break into a song and dance routine periodically between her trips to Oz. (But how was I to know that she was a sucker for freaky childrens movies).

    And ‘manda was very nice about it when I uncontrollably broke into tears against her shoulder midway through.

    I’m joking of course


    In other news: I got to play a song in English class today for ten extra credit points. After sitting through the likes of Travis Tritt, City High, and (shudder) Creed’s "with legs wide open" I popped In Spoon’s "Everything Hits at Once," and discovered my entire class has bad music taste. Except for my (rather youngish) teacher. She didn’t like Spoon either, but does like The Pixies, Superchunk, and the White Stripes. If she likes Dinosaur Jr. I’m afraid I’ll have to marry her on the spot. (I guess I’ll have to convert to Mormonism so I don’t break Amanda’s heart <img> )

    And finally, and announcement. I’ve decided to come out of the closet and admit to the world. I LIKE POP MUSIC. IN FACT, I’m LISTENING TO THE TRAGICALLY HIP RIGHT NOW (I have a sudden vision of a certain chicago bears/Hellecopters fan bursting into tears). I just wanted to say this. I don’t understand why people here in America hate anything labled as pop. Why do we have to call mainstream music "Alternative" It is pop, plain and simple. Weezer is Pop, Blink is Pop, Spoon is definately pop, even Creed is pop (shitty pop, but pop nonetheless). I guess it’s time to hit the sack, good night to all.

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    Labels, shmabels. You like what you like, ya know? No need to pretend otherwise, unless you’re trying to win friends / influence people.

    Return to Oz scared the shit out of me.

    Glad to hear all is well in the world of Malcom.


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    Pop music is however you want to look at it,I think alot of indie stuff is pop,like Spoon;I define pop music as just songs with hooks and has an accessability about it,does`nt matter if it`s heavy or light.
    A teacher that likes the Pixies,Superchunk,and White Stripes and students that don`t <img>
    I had a english teacher in high school who was into soul music,she claimed she liked blues though I doubt she could name anyone besides BB King.

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    This certain Chicago BEARS/Hellacopters fan is ok with whatever you like for yourself…myself, well being canadian and having them forced down my throat constantly…well you know <img>




    Hey Malcom,

    Hope you guys get The New Music show from much music, wicked J, Watt and George bit last year…very cool. We get MTV Canada…go figure, but hey they will be bringing that very odd reality show with Ozzy & his family to a digital cable channel real soon…hmmm wonder if I should subscribe <img>

    Allison <img>




    Ho-lee shit. My day cannot get any better. First I find out that I’v got a chance of seeing J not once but twice. (I don’t know about the 17th show, but I’ll try) and now Spoon is releasing a new album. oh boy! Another chance to piss my class off <img>



    Salami-I know, what is the world coming to. I wonder if I should’ve played "Slack Motherfucker," would that be a narrative song?

    Alison, This is reminding me of how I first saw the Hip, When my parents first bought a Satallite, we got MuchMusic, which I thought was fantastic (excepting the moffets). For some reason, however, The execs a Much decided that Americans wanted to hear American music, thus we now have MuchMusic USA, which is EXACTLY like MTV, sigh, at least they still play the wedge.

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