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    This is sort of a condensation of things in my LiveJournal. If you read that(and why not?) then you won’t be having any revalations here.

    *The England thing is off, the school board said it was too soon to expect people to get things together or something. I’m not surprised, It was too good to be true

    *Q and Not U’s drummer went and broke his goddam foot. The concert is currently canceled

    *School’s out in three weeks. I just have three seperate papers to finish ASAP

    *When I was pulling up in front of my house the other night at about nine O’clock, I saw my neighbor standing by his truck with a hose in his hand. I figured he was washing his car, so I said something like "hey, when you’re done with your car can you start on mine" or something equally witty and funny (I’d never talked to them, but my dad has). The man turned around as though to say "what?" but me dad ordered me into the house.

    It turns out the guy was washing blood off the sidewalk from where his dog (almost puppy) had been killed.

    To give credit to the kids, they had stopped and told the guy what they’d done, and the dog was usually let out into the front yard without any lead.

    To take credit away from them, the kids had been driving a firebird down a dead end street the length of a driveway at 30-something miles per hour.

    The neighbor told me dad a few days ago they’ve a new dog, and that he’d heard me and understood and all. But I still feel like an Arsehole.

    *The other day I ran into Gavin, a guy I knew in High School, at the local Motomart, I asked him about Mike, another Motomart employee, as well as a mutual acquantence of both of us. Gavin replies "Mikes Dead" Turns out he killed himself a month ago. shit.



    Too bad about the England thing Malk :( just spend the money for it on a bunch of music :wink:



    Actually, I’m probably spending the money on a Laptop.

    Not that $1800 in CD’s isn’t tempting, I could afford the entire Dischord Catalog PLUS all the "classic" Cd’s I don’t own yet. :D


    expect nothing

    Sorry you wont be getting to visit England – but the laptop sounds veeerry good :D .
    And enjoy your 3 weeks off :D – i’m comming to the end of mine :( .


    fata morgana

    Hey Malcolm, it’s too bad about England (Hell, I’ve only been wanting to go there for over fifteen years!) It’s also too bad about the puppy, but how could you have known?… Good luck with your finals. 8)

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