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    For those of you (Thats right, all three of you) who care,this is whats going on in my life these days.

    -I started school again on Monday, beginning my second semester in college. I start classes at eight in the morning and conclude them at 1:15 day and Wednesday. Fridays end at eleven o’clock, right during Jim (a very cool teach I had last semster)’s free period. I also have a 6:30 PM tuesday class (music theory). The only sucky thing is that I live an evenhalf hour from school, so I’m driving at 700 in the morning.

    -I god in an auto accident on Wednesday, nobody was hurt, I was going home to get plactes for my new car, and I ended up getting my parents car smashed up. the back doors are sealed shut, the bumper is fucked up, and I’m afraid to open the trunk (in case it doesn’t shut again)

    -my social life is getting very weird (report at 9:00)



    I hope that social life thing is the good kinda weird [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    Sucks about the car thou, did you guys finally get the snow and then wipe out…we did [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] and wicked cold weather with it.

    I prefer am classes, gives me the rest of the day to myself…although I had to drive 2 1/2 hrs to get to an 0830 class sometimes…that really really sucked [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]




    We got some snow around here,not as much as other parts of the province.They don`t want to put salt on the roads here,costs too much,so they`re looking for something else instead.My solution:loonies!(the Canadian dollar)it`s worth only 62 cents so put it to some good use [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]
    Hope the car still runs,Malcom.



    Okey, had to cut the first report short, owing to class starting up. Here’s what needs left to be said.

    -The car was only banged and dented, pretty badly, but it still runs, I’m driving the (newley christened) ghettomobile to work tommorow.

    -My social life is fucked up because I broke two of the big rules of living- I went out on what was essentially a blind date (clause I-don’t go on blind dates) with some secretary my dad works with (clause II-don’t go out with girls your parents pre-approve of). Anyways, she’s a real sweetheart (and she got nice boobs to boot), but I don’t think I want to date her regularly. These days she’s calling me regularly wanting to go out at like ten PM. When you live an easy half hours drive from a person’s home, 10 PM is a late time to start visiting. I also feel a bit funky having my dad in the background, so to speak. So I’m basically trying to attempt the impossible, letting a person off without hurting them badly enough keep them completely unavailable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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