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    the last confirmed sighting of murph ? :D

    from mike watt’s hootpage "the cord that spun its own top" 2003 tour diary

    wednesday, may 7 – northampton, ma

    from watt:

    I call up j mascis since he lives in nearby amherst but when he answers his phone – I guess it’s his walkie-talkie cuz he tells me he’s in australia! whoa, he’s on tour and it’s a day off for him. you know it’s the modern age when you can just call and rap w/your buddy in australia! maybe no drill from him. he asks me about that stooges gig and then tells me about the fire that hit his pad and took out his studio (bob’s place) – damn. safe seas to you, j. as luck would have it, an old friend of his, zeke, comes by to say hi and he knows someone w/a drill – yes! right around the same time, who shows up but murph, dinosaur’s first drummer. he’s looking good, lost some weight.

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