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    I’ve only been on this page for a couple of days, but I’m already amazed by the amount of laddishness that’s going on here. I.e., in this very forum: the topic Other Favourite Bands. I don’t think there was single band with a female singer among the ones you listed. Well, yeah Sonic Youth, but what Kim Gordon does is stretching the term singing a bit. Female background vocals as far as the Pixies are concerned, ok. Hey wait, someone even liked my bloody valentine. Wicked. Do you think Rock’n’Roll is a mans world or what? Girls can’t play guitar, write songs that kind of thing? Get in touch with the woman inside of you. J. did that a long time ago actually. So I want your favourite Bands with female vocals. Come on, don’t be shy.
    Here are mine (at the time)
    1 th’ Faith Healers
    2 Boss Hog (although the last album was crap)
    3 Delagados
    4 Stereolab
    5 Astrud Gilberto
    6 Brassy
    7 Silverfish
    8 my bloody valentine
    9 Julie London
    10 the Ronettes
    11 Talulah Gosh
    12 Dirt Merchants
    13 Breeders
    14 Broadcast
    15 Cardigans (early stuff)
    16 the Muffs
    17 that Dog.
    18 Blondie
    19 Shop Assistants
    20 Primitives (early stuff)
    (blimey, I bet I forgott someone really crucial; who could it be?)





    Your right I don’t have a top ten..even twenty fav group with a female singer/musician. Not that I don’t listen to any but none that have been able to break into that special group. Difficult to break into group that includes, J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr, Flaming Lips, JAMC, Iggy…any and all, Swervedriver etc. If you have any suggestions along these lines I would love to try.

    Some of the groups that I do listen to include:

    1. The Avengers…Penlope I think was the singers name, band from LA…American in Me still is a wicked song.

    2. Concrete Blonde…Johnette Napolitano has a great voice, really only like the 1st 2 releases. Still In Hollywood still gets a lot of play. Her solo project Vowel Movement…no thanks.

    3. Juliana Hatfield…poppy but definitely fun music, don’t listen to it a lot but sometimes.

    4. The early Primitives stuff was great, I will even admit to liking some early Siouxsie & The Banshees…Hong Kong Garden was fun and the combo with Robert Smith doing Dear Prudence worked well.

    5. Have to agree with you on the Kim Gordon singing thing, she does do the spoken word thing pretty cool. Some other female singers that kinda fall into that category are Niagara from Destroy All Monsters, Exene from X as well was a different type of singer. Thing is I was drawn to these groups by the music….ie Ron Asheton and John Doe so not sure if that counts.

    6. Love the Ronettes, Martha and the Vandellas, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes…despite how wacky Diana Ross is.
    Etta James is pretty cool as well.

    7. Loved some of the early punk stuff, Adverts with Gaye Advert on Bass…very cool. Liked a couple of Slits tunes…Heard it on the Grape Vine & Typical Girls. Dolly Mixture were fun, played with Captain Sensible on his Stop the World stuff…hilariously fun….Captain Sensible for President…solve all your problems.

    Sorry but can’t include some of your examples, really didn’t like Blondie,
    Stereolab is ok but would not listen to them if I got it. MBV are great, Breeders get the occasional play. I kind of operate on a equal opportunity basis….if its good I listen to it. If there is a woman in it all the better if not oh well. Being a sort of grown up woman…been in the sort of phase for quite awhile….I am well aware of my feminine side…got it, like it and enjoy it.

    If you are an Ike & Tina Turner fan I recommend you try and find the Austrailian band The Saints cover of River Deep Mountain High….awesome…even for an all male band.




    Babes in Toyland, Fiona Apple, Yo La Tengo (come on now, Georgia rocks!), Jefferson Airplane, Heart, Diana Krall, Kim Deal, Sarah Vaughan, Bebel Gilberto, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Nan Vernon, Mamas & Papas, Sinead O’Connor, Wanda Jackson, Dolly Parton, Maria McKee, Mary J. Blige, etc, etc, etc. And anyone who thinks Kim Gordon can’t sing is bonkers; I WISH I had that throaty voice. (Maybe I should start smoking again…??) [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-wink.gif[/img]

    Got it, like it, & enjoy it,

    Left out a few- Erykah Badu, Judy Henske, Madonna (come on, you know you like at least one song), Lauryn Hill, Patsy Cline, Queen Latifah (if we’re including hip-hop in this conversation), & Billie Holiday. I’m sure I’ll think of more after I go to bed…

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    Sorry, no femmes amongst my current favs. To name a few that I like & listen(ed) to:

    Cranes (Alison has one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard)
    Belle & Sebastian
    Yo La Tengo
    The Walkabouts
    The Sundays
    Veruca Salt
    Babes In Toyland
    Heather Nova

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    This really sucks, but I’m not big into bands with female vocalists. It’s not a conscious thing, it’s just because all the bands I like most are bands made mostly of guys. I do however like the
    Breeders, Hole, 10,000 Maniacs (actually, the Maniacs do fall into my top 20 category now that I think about it!) and I really like Sinead O’Connor (a la The Lion and the Cobra!) a lot. She’s got a ton of passion and a voice that is amazing.

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    A couple of things:
    1) I find it hard to believe that someone likes the Primitives (that’s the one with Tracey, and not the pre-Velvet Underground incarnation) and doesn’t like Blondie, cause the Primitives were basically a Blondie rip off.
    2) Sonic Youth are great, and I love Kim Gordons Voice, it’s just that she’s not into traditional singing, which is fine by me. I mean she obviously doesn’t have a broad vocal range, but neither has David Gedge.
    3) Is there someone female who actually likes guitar soli, or is that a mainly male thing?
    4) Female Stooges, Dino kind of thing?! Check out Silverfish and Th’ Faith Healers. Their "Slag" sounds a bit like Dinos "Don’t" (equally unlistenable, some might say, not me of course).
    5) of course, I forgott Bikini Kill




    Sorry to disappoint you but I really hate Blondie…cannot stand Deborah Harrys voice..don’t like it at all. Your right I was talking about the Tracy Primitives, disagree with your take on the Blondie ripoff thing but if I was to follow that thought I would have to say that what came 1st was definitely not better….only my opinion. Liked a lot of stuff that was happening in NY etc around Blondies time….Heartbreakers(Thunders kind), Ramones, Dead Boys etc, Blondie didn’t make the cut.

    Thanks for the tip on Faith Healers, pretty cool…might even pick up something. I do love guitar solos being a Mascis fan that is a pre-requisite, but the whole song is what makes it for me…rhythmn/melody..vocals thats what makes Mascis so cool he has it all. Some good guitar rock kind of stuff is Sonics Rendevouz Band, Fred Sonic Smith is god but now that he’s dead the Hellacopters are pretty cool, tons of leads and cool sounds althou the vocals are kinda weak at times (sounds like paul stanley at times). Hydromatics are pretty cool as well, looking forward to the new release by the Racketeers….Wayne Kramer & Brian James (ex MC5, Gang War & Dodge Main..Damned, Tanz Der Youth) these guys are wicked guitar players and on drums is Clem Burke from Blondie.

    Thing is above are all male bands, don’t get me wrong its great when theres a female in the mix….I just don’t make my choices based on whether someone in the groups has one, two or even three (possible not probable) x chromosomes.

    Again thanks for the tip….Whatevers Cool,




    It’s kinda embarrasing to say this. But I’m not really into that many bands with female artistssingers. But those I do like are great.
    Yo La Tengo
    Mazzy Star
    Cat Power
    Third And The Mortal

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    Forgot a couple, not really into the bands but the singing is pretty damn cool!!

    Bjork with the Sugarcubes…quite the powerful voice

    Mazzy was great with the JAMC..oops just remembered the singers name…Hope Sandoval

    Poison Ivy with the Cramps….don’t think she sings but she is incredible.

    Allison….off to make some much needed very strong coffee

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    The thing about the Hellacopters is they are not original at all…they definitely wear their influences right up front. On this Austrailian site…i94bar.com they had the best line about the Hellacopters…they find so many different ways to play City Slang over and over again….thats why I like them.

    Fred Sonic Smith/Sonics Rendezvous band were American, Hydromatics are European but Scott Morgan is American. Wayne Kramer is from detroit…the home of Iggy, Brian James is English. Some of their stuff could possibly be found on Napster, when I get the Racketeers…hurry up track records…I will post some of it on Napster and let you know.




    Haven’t heard of most of the Bands. Are they all American or Scandinavian, like the Hellacopters? Saw them on some Festival last summer and wasn’t really convinced. Is this meant to be ironic. Like pose as pose can. Also, I sort of distrust bands who flip the finger in photoshots. That’s not really original, is it? As for Blondie, well, doesn’t like all of their stuff, but hey, things like Hangin’ on the Telephone. I reckon it’s a classic. Yeah, and especially the voice is like Tracys, me thinks. But I won’t push it. I wonder why no-one mentioned PJ Harvey. Ok, the last one was just like Patti Smith in the 80s, fut the first two records are quite good.




    Jefferson Airplaine
    Janis Joplin (cant belive no one mentioned her)
    Alanis Moresite (however its spelled)
    Sonic youth
    Madonna (im still in love with her)

    thats about it but everyone i mentioned are in my top favorite performers

    thats about it

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    Of the bands I listed as my faves, there are quite a few females:

    Ida – Elizabeth Littleton. She can sing circles around most people. She’s also a great lyricist as well as plays moving folk-rock and uses other instruments like violin, accordion, etc. in funky ways to create great sounds.

    Yo La Tengo – Georgia. Her voice IS Yo La Tengo. "You Can Have it All," is a good example of this.

    Secret Stars – Jodi V.B. with Geoff Farina. Her vocals are great and she writes great songs.

    Can’t say much about Kim Gordon, Madonna (who I have loved in the past but I must admit, didn’t have talent until she worked on it and then all of a sudden got some unspecified accent), Janis, or Courtney L. But, L7 is fun if anything else. And I do love the motown and soul ladies, e.g., Aretha, Supremes, etc.




    Hey Dimpfelmoser,

    Just picked up Hanging On The Telephone covered by Crashland…not bad at all. Just read a review of Crashland in Uncut, said they sounded like a mix of The Only Ones & The Buzzcocks so had to try it on napster.
    Peter Parot (Only Ones) is a much better singer though but not a bad version. If you want a brief overview of napster email me at [email protected], pretty cool way to sample stuff.

    Gotta thank you Liz I had forgotten about Pretend that Your Dead by L7, definitely a fun song.




    Guess I have to find someone finally, who explains this Napster business to me. Oh well.

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