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    Iv`e have listen to DJ for many years, yeah since BUG, and have always wondered why the productions where that bad. I could understand it in theire early days becuse of the lack of money, or something? But at their new album Farm, i just think that there is to much overdrive and distortion, to much forward in the big picture. Haven`t they sit down an listen before the cd got in the pressing production? Some of there old stuff like "where you been and without a sound" is barely ok, but the new stuff is just awfull to listen to. Don`t get me wrong, it is great records, but i don`t think the sound is all that good, and it`s a shame. But on the other hand, it wouldn`t be a DJ record if the sounds wasn`t that bad, would it? Off course you can hear it, even on a bad HI-FI system, but on a great one, it gets more obvious. So some recommended that i should get a bad system again, but no no….the great recording out there sounds even greater, so i have to live with those few bad recordings of DJ :roll:

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