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    Randy Jane

    As from what I have heard Muff wise, I like the black RI’s for bass and a low volume guitar. The NYC Muff, I played around on it for a while at a store….it was almost what I wanted, but it wasn’t. If I were wanting tons of gain in a Pumpkins way, this pedal wouldn’t do that, if I were looking for a slight overdrive in a bluesy way, I didn’t really like it for that either. I opted to get the Boss MD-2 which has crazy bass and loads of gain, and a DOD YJM308. I had planned on modding the 308, but I have only painted it so far….it’s nice and blue now. All I really want to do is add an LED and then I’ll be done with it…..don’t want true bypass switching….its not always good you know.
    As for Z. Vex, IF I were out of my mind and wanted to pay two hundred + dollars for a pedal, I would want the Octane/Octavia 3. It used to sound good to me, not sure how I would like it on my setup though.



    There are loads of different Big Muffs around and they all sound different.

    The original triangle knob BMs had fs37000 and fs69000 transistors (I think) whatever the fuck they are.Try searching for ’em.
    The second version with Big Muff printed in the art nouveau style letters like the early Dinosaur logo used
    2N5133 , BC239, and Later 2N5088

    Some of the 2nd version enclosures were used to house the version 3 circuit during the transition.

    The third version (looks like the NYC reissue) also used 2N5088s but changed the resistors from carbon comps to more modern ones.

    Also a version with IC chips was brought out in the early ’80s

    There was the original Little Big Muff with on Knob and an IC chip and a mains powered Deluxe Big Muff that incorporated the Soul Preacher Compressor with the Muff.

    The first Russian Sovtek Big Muffs were called The Red Army distortion. This was followed by a cream and blue powder coated Sovtek Big Muff ?. There then followed about three different green ones and then the black.

    I have one version 2 and one version 3 both have 2N5088s (the version 2 hasthe edge), an orig Little Big Muff (which is crazy loud but sounds good) and a couple of the deluxes which are the least loud.

    They’re all good and all different. There are lots of makers of high quality clones too. If you search around you’ll find sites with info on how to make your own.



    Which of the Big Muffs had the tone bypass switch on the back. I love turning the tone knob off so I am thinking if I ever need a Big Muff to play live with, I should just get the double muff since there are no tone knobs on that. Would they be comparable(sp)?



    No, get the Muff. Double Muffs are different, pretty much overdrivey, from a 1970’s Muff Fuzz circuit.

    The one with the tone bypass switch are 70’s models me thinks.



    hey guys,im from malaysia.i hope we all can be friends here.i m using russian bigmuff and its sound good with my jagmaster even i cant get 100% dinosaur jr sound but i really like it.anybody want to sell dinosaur tshirt?



    This link gives a good history of Big Muff versions over the years. It also answers my question of when the tone bypass models existed. 1978-1980. Woo Hoo. Classic Rock.

    http://electroharmonix.ronsound.com/articles/bigmuff.html”>http://electroharmonix.ronsound.com/art … gmuff.html

    This link explains Newer vs. Older versions of the American Big Muff.

    http://electroharmonix.ronsound.com/articles/reissue/comparebm.html”>http://electroharmonix.ronsound.com/art … arebm.html

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