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    I actually got to see the cure last thursday at a festival called ArvikafESTIVAL. Arvika is situaded in sweden and the festival is a little one with about 100 artists and 15000 people over three days.

    It’s the first time i’ve seen the cure and I was thrilled. They did not dissappoint me. they played old songs like "shake dog shake" and "kiss me kiss me kiss me".

    I also saw Primal Scream but they didn’t seem too interested in playing. they played for about an hour right before the cure entered the scene. Bobbie Gillespie said something like: " well let’s enjoy the cure"

    The bassist looked through the crowd and said: "this looks like a goth-convention…"



    Hey great! Lucked into a copy of Siouxsie’s Hyaena ealier this year and found ol’ Robert on it. Never knew they actually played together. I assume he was pullng double duty at the time.

    First heard the the Cure about 15 years ago, despite the poofter drama-mimes in my high-school. They kept the hairspray, I kept the respect for the music. Glad to hear Smith is still at it.



    if you haven’t, also check out old releases by The Glove (Robert’s project with Steve Severin—I think there were other Banshees involved also). it’s really wild that the Cure are still around. they were my favorite band in the 80s and I saw them about three times around the era of Head on the Door. I would have seen them before that but they never played Cleveland where I was living in the early 80s, so we had to be content with the records. I lost interest about the time Robert cut his hair—they had started attracting a lot of very young fans (same as Depeche Mode) and seemed like their music became rather repetitive, and I agree that there was way too big of a deal made out of Roberts hair or lack thereof. but everything up through probably Fascination Street still turns me on. Especially "Primary".

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    The Cure was the first band i ever loved… that was also about 15 years ago. But i was only like 7.

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