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    I have a friend I want to unload dino/j on.

    what is one good song you would recommend for a "newbie"




    I am really gaga right now about FsF;s title track. The soloing procession on that track is exhalted enough to lift anyone out of their chair.

    Why not "The Post" as well?


    expect nothing

    how about ‘In A Jar’ possibily ?



    what a difficult question. If people had the same opinions and taste as you it would be no problem, would there…

    I shared flat and cdplayer with two friends. I spent much time in the living room with one of them, who’d never heard dinosaur. He liked the song I’m insane and the melody of where’d you go….
    He didn’t like the vocals that much , though..

    so what I’m trying to say is that it’s difficult to force anyone to like anything…but I’m insane worked for that guy.. he was a tough masculin guy who liked bands like system of a down and slipknot…
    A funny combination; dinosaur and slipknot. It shows how complex humans are.

    I got another friend into dinosaur after giving him bug and ylaom…my experience is that it takes some time to get the average person into bands like dinosaur. I often told him to listen more to them.. he listened to it over a period of time and he eventually became a fan of the music. he was about 16-17 years old at the time, so maybe he was an easy target for new music. I don’t know.


    "simmons" wrote:
    A funny combination; dinosaur and slipknot.

    …well, J played with weird folks like Upside Down Cross and GG Allin ;) :lol:

    but yeah, it’s not easy to recommend a Dino or J Mascis song to someone who doesn’t know them. The "Feel The Pain" video has been quite popular, because it’s really clever, so maybe this could do it for a start, otherwise a great & catchy song like "Out There", but it depends on what other music the person likes, loud guitars or acoustic stuff
    … of course I hope the ‘conversion’ will be successful :P :D



    yeah … good luck …

    like simmons and flying cloud have pointed out, it depends on what kind of music he’s/she’s into … quiet vs loud, pop vs punk, happy vs sad etc …

    how about every time he/she comes over or goes for a ride in your car put another one on and let them make up their own mind ??? :idea: :?: :D



    i settled on Green Mind

    (the entire album)


    expect nothing

    yeah an album is got to be better than one song :) – much more effect.

    good album choice, hope they appriciate it



    Its hard to find people who like J’s style of singing.



    I know what you mean about finding people who like J’s singing but I love it. I love his guitar playing first but I don’t think I would be into him as much if he sang differently.



    I am very fond of Puke & Cry!

    Although, I have this single that has a live version of Ammaring with an incredible solo. I also saw that solo in concert and thought it was one of the best perofrmances that I have ever seen J put on.

    On the other hand if he doesn’t get like it then he has horrible taste in music!



    I think little fury things is the dinosaur JR classics. It has got eveything I like about music in just one song -good vocal melody, good guitar melody, good vocals, good lyrics, rough production, unique song structure, and it has lots of personality. Nothing ever sounded like it and nothing ever will


    expect nothing

    I think J’s voice is like having an extra instrument – it adds this whole extra layer to the music its amazing. It brings you into the music more coz its so intresting and ‘ooo i cant think of the word’, people must no what i mean :mrgreen:



    They change constantly but some firm favourites:

    Get Me (tear-inducing solo, saw him play it @ Birmingham,UK)
    The Lung
    anything off Bug



    sonic death

    I think No Bones is great, it took a while to grow on me though. Love the vocals, no one could stick such a distinguished voice with music and make it sound so great :D As for the Fog, I’d have to go with Ammaring, which I didn’t start liking until I saw him rip out the solo in Cleveland. :shock: Amazing!

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