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    No setlist to be found in my post but they played Bulbs of Passion tonight and I think they did The Post unless my ringing ears are deceiving me. Last night was great but tonight was ten times better in my opinion. Lou was being silly and funny tonight: "Fourth show!!!! Fourth show!!!!" Sludgefeast was epic and, for one moment, I thought they were gonna f*ck off Freakscene and play Mountain Man instead. That would have been a thing of beauty. Alas. Almost perfect evening. Wonderful. :)



    I think the time zone difference is a great thing, it means that I can read about the European shows in the late afternoon.

    Thanks for the review.



    Thanks Chris, yeah the time warp is cool.



    i can’t keep doing this to myself. hungover to shit for the second day in a row. still can’t hear anything. did they play freakscene twice last night? agree – last night was better, it was good to see lou enjoying himself. had a chat with murph (followed him up the road, felt like a stalker), got a drumstick, and had a wonderful time. only complaint – the shithole pub across the road claiming "good value food". Doesn’t serve food. Suppose it is good value then.

    Must go. sick.



    Was a great gig, only heard Freakscene once at the end. Can’t hear anyone talking to me at the moment above the ringing though…..



    I just got back to Manchester – made the trip down to the gig on Thursday night. It was awesome for sure. I was stood towards the back and even so my ears were still ringing 24 hours later, they are slightly better this morning, but yeah – it was amazing. Freakscene aint my favourite track, but I fully expected them to finish on it – and yeah they just played it at the end – with a few second blast of it at the start of something else earlier on?



    for the 9th, I had an upstairs ticket, and again I was there early to get into the 1st row. very good overview from there, low balustrade which didn’t bother the sight at all. a bit far back from stage, but not too far.
    it was certainly a much better general sight over the crowd, the moshers and over the stage (and even the backstage door)

    the openers, Modey Lemon from Pittsburgh were quite good. it’s a three piece rock band, who also make use of two synthesizers, at the same time while playing bass or guitar. the raw, uptempo rock with quite melancholic lyrics and electronic sound effects fitted well together.

    After that, the Dino gear was set up, then at about nine the light was dimmed, but the tape music in the background wouldn’t stop, and we had to wait extra 15 minutes until the band finally entered the stage, so the enthusiasm was almost overboarding already at the beginning.

    the setlist was different than the day before. I’m not good at reminding setlists, but there were at least 4 different songs:
    The Post :!:, Bulbs Of Passion :!::!:, Severed Lips :!: and Quest.
    Also played (among others/no order, please fill it up!): Little Fury Things, In A Jar, Forget The Swan, Kracked, The Lung, Repulsion, Sludgefeast, Just Like Heaven, Does It Float and, as the second encore, Freakscene (there can’t be a show w/o Freakscene, so I was sure they’d return when they left stage after the 1st encore).
    This was probably my personal most perfect setlist out of the first three albums :D

    it was weird to be so distant from the stage, and it was even weirder to rock out seated, but on the other hand, the overview was perfect, and you could see the light effects much better. I don’t even know if they’ve also used these strobe effects on Wedensday, but from above they looked very cool.

    I couldn’t say which show I enjoyed more, both were similar in some points, but so different in others, and both they were great :!:
    For what I was seeing around me, the enthusiasm & excitement was even on a higher level on the 9th than on the 8th, and J played some more extended, dissolving free floating solos, which were so great at the point when the guitar returned to "topic", and Murph & Lou were there to just go ahead as if there was nothing. that was tight. amazing on the fourth show after all these years, considereing they hadn’t much practice time :
    They definitely still have the spirit, and hopefully they have a much more relaxed time together than in former times.

    can’t wait to see the band for a third time on this tour on Monday in Berlin :D:D:D
    From what I’ve seen in London, it’s definitely worth to see them more than once!!!



    One other thing to add to that review… talk about the band being tight – I went with a friend who is not a fan at all, knows very little about the history of the band etc., and she commented on how together it all seemed without being prompted.

    About the strobes too – I can’t remember what track they were playing, but they were pounding on the strobes and well, it was starting to bug me. I started thinking ‘I bet thats pissing them off’, and at that very moment Lou wandered to the back of the stage and gave the bird to the strobe – at which point they stopped pretty quick. Thanks Lou :)



    they used the strobes on wednesday for one song + it was SERIOUSLY annoying … glad to hear lou stopped it on the second show … go lou, go! :D

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