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    Huge holiday w/e coming up for the Americans out there, J shows galore, some lucky so & so even has a week planned of wicked shows <img> Enjoy yourselves, light off some fireworks, take time off work (hopefully), go a little crazy & HAVE FUN!!!

    Allison <img>


    Long Distance Drunk

    Heh, heh…I am planning on getting drunk and complaining about Dub. My week of shows to end all week of shows begins in just 12 days! <img>



    I worked on Canada day on the 1st, complained about Jean Chretien our prime minister thru the nite…he’s more than a little crazy <img>

    That week of shows <img> <img>

    Allison <img> <img>

    need more coffee, spelt the pm’s name wrong <img>

    <small>[ 07-03-2002, 02:48 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>



    All you americans have a good day tomorrow <img>

    ps-VF-I always spell the little guy from Shawinigan`s name wrong too <img> <img>



    I’m all alone on the fourth, my buddy and I were gonna have some fun, but he’s broke and working. <img> And who wants to be stoned alone their first time?



    Have a great day my American friends. In fact, why just limit it to Americans? Here’s to splendid day for all Freakscener’s! Hoorah!



    evil malkie, don’t do drugs alone that is jus’ plain silly boy, go for a walk or read a book instead. smokin’ alone is a bad habit to start dude. wicked important to note the follwing rules apply, light it, smoke it, pass it to the left, always share and be generous not stingy, do not hold the bowl, joint, bong(your accessory of preference here) too long or you are bogarting, not cool, esse.
    and dunna forget, every little thing in MODERATION,
    ya know what i em sayin’? heh?
    sludgie, sorry dude i could not make it down to atlanta today but hey instead i got three jobs and i am movin’ into my own place in a coupla weeks. much as i hate to miss hangin’ with you today and seein’ the rednecks up close and personal without fear of rebel insurgents, and i abhor missing J perform and the jicks as well, botheration, i am simply too po’ for the train.
    i tread water and smile like a crocodile.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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