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    A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out our attic…it had grown way out of control. I could no longer walk in it. I went through and pared down what I wanted to keep, give away, throw away. It was liberating. That said, I ran across some weird ramblings in journals where I wrote pages and pages about the music of Dinosaur JR and J. I was like 25-26…what can I say. My kids enjoyed it! That said…I just feel the need to say a heart felt thanks to anyone who has decided to try and make a living off of art and I pray that the business/machine never takes a large enough bite out of anyone to destroy them. It’s a tough tight rope to walk. I’m a person who has never felt really too down or even could say I know what it is to be depressed but something has been poking me from the back of my mind now for a while and it’s really depressing. Terence Mckenna describes it better in this 3 minute video than I ever could. This is the one where he first uses the phrase “put the art pedal to the metal” and when I was reading my writings and thinking of this music and these musicians (the ones we come here to read about) I felt happy, to at least think, that they have spent decades using the art pedal. Also, addictions can come so easily to folks who understand what Terence is saying and start to feel like the don’t want to enter the machine but to not enter the machine means walking a certain path that is a little too unpredictable for the average person. (imo)

    Thanks J, Lou and Murph…you are in a position to make a difference! (he,he)…this is what I’m talking about.


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