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    Pretty self explainitory thread,pick a band or solo artist you like and talk about them.Today I`m going to talk about…

    Formed in DC in the late 80`s;of all the Dischord bands,they were the strangest.Their singer Craig Wedren delivered the oddness with his operatic vocals that made him sound like a post punk Freddie Mercury.The original line up was Wedren on vocals/guitar,Stuart Hill on bass,Chris Matthews on lead guitar,and Mike Russell on drums;they did one album on a small indie before signing with Dischord in 1990 and released an album called Ten Spot.Their lyrics were totally out to lunch even for an indie rock band;the original lineup were very energetic and fast which contrasted from the later lineup which was still loud but with less hardcore or emo elements present.In 91 and 92 they released Funeral At The Movies ep(with a great cover of Hendrix`s Crosstown Traffic) and Get Your Goat,also on Dischord before signing with Epic with a new lineup featuring Nathan Larson on lead guitar and Adam Wade on drums(formally of Jawbox).
    In 94 they released Pony Express Record;their best album I think;Larson was a great addition,his guitar playing with Wedren`s overdubbed vocals(as good as the Cocteau Twins) sounded awesome.
    Wedren took ill not long after,which put the band in flux for awhile until 97`s 50 000 BC,an album that took 70`s and 80`s AOR(like Journey) and twisted it into their style.It bombed even more then Pony Express Record despite touring with the Smashing Pumpkins,Fugazi,and Sunny Day Real Estate(a perfect match since they have an odd singer).
    In 98 they did a movie soundtrack(First Love Last Rites) with guest singers ranging from Jeff Buckley to Alan and Mimi from Low to John Doe to Robin Zander(Cheap Trick).Another soundtrack followed and so did the end of the band.



    Today I’m going to disagree, In my opinion


    is the strangest band on Dischord.

    Another of the millions of short lived groups on the Dischord label, A Nation of Ulysses were either a hugely revolutionary rock band spouting off anarchist theory, or a parody of a hugely revolutionary anarchist rock band. The group formed in 1988, with vocalist Ian Svenonius, guitarists Steve Kroner and Tim Green, bassist Steve Gamboa, and drummer James Canty (brother of Fugazi’s Brendan Canty). The band only recorded two albums and one EP, but both albums are great. Featuring alternately horn like or thrashing guitars (I swear they’re using a trumpet player on some songs), and songs such as "A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid is a Dead Kid," "Hot Chocolate City," and "Look Out! Soul is Back." The band promoted a sort of schoolyard rebellion and a new regime where the cool kids would be in charge. The songs themselves followed a fairly normal song structure, for those familiar with Hoover and the like, but they were delivered withw vocal style that switched between a Ian MacKaye yell and (more often) a Jello Biafra whine. The band broke up after their second album, and the members went on to form that one obscure band on Dischord and that other obscure band on dischord. :P



    Malc-I agree,NOU was really strange;I know The Cupid Car Club was one band,then I think they became the Make Up.They also had a jazz influence going on(like that song that they chant Coltrane`s A Love Supreme in it)that Ian guy is nuts,he kinda sounds like James Brown meets Guy from Fugazi/Rites Of Spring :lol: I don`t have anything by the NOU but heard a few songs by them.



    It`s time for another installment of…


    VERSUS(cuz Mattman got me thinking about them recently :) )

    Versus came out of another band called Flower,who were around during the late 80`s in NYC;they did 2 albums for a french label called BEAR records(which later got reissued on Simple Machines records)It featured Richard Baluyet on guitar/vocals and his brother Ed on guitar(I think).
    Close to the breakup of Flower in 1990,they were joined by a young lady from Beaumont,Texas named Fontaine Toups;after the collapse of Flower Richard,Ed,and Fontaine formed a band called Saturnine,which later was name changed to Versus after the Mission Of Burma album.With Richard on guitar/vocals,Fontaine on bass/vocals,and Ed on drums.
    They recorded a few singles for small indie labels for a few years before releasing their first ep called Let`s Electrify in 1993 on their own label Remora.
    After playing gigs with Unrest,Superchunk,and Tsunami;Unrest frontman Mark Robinson signed them to his label Teenbeat records;in 94 they relased their first album called The Stars Are Insane.In 95 a compilation followed called Dead Leaves featuring their early singles and unreleased material.The Deep Red ep also came out in late 95.
    In 96 they signed with Caroline records who had success with the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole becoming quite popular after leaving their label.Secret Swingers was released on Caroline for the cd and Teenbeat for the vinyl.Another Baluyet brother joined on 2nd guitar,James.
    In 98 they released Two Cents Plus Tax,their most expensively produced record to date which also was their last for Caroline;who were getting into the electronica scene other then indie rock;Caroline dropped them in 1999.
    Merge Records stepped in around this time and signed them,a couple of ep`s and the Hurrah album was released in 2000.
    At this point,the future of the band is unknown;all members are busy with side projects like +- and Whysall Lane.



    Been meaning to add something about The Sewergrooves out of Sweden so…

    Sewergrooves :aliensmile:

    They thrill me to death most of the time, definitely hear The Hellacopters & Urge Overkill influence….along with a zillion others :wink: 1st heard them thru a Hellacopters group on Audio Galaxy (I miss that place :( ), hard time finding their stuff locally but have managed to obtain just about everything by them. Current favs include Paralyzed, Five Times More, Wanna Be Your Man & Livin’ In Another World. Theres a live quick time video thru the above link from 2000, shaky sound but not bad :wink:

    They seem to be having trouble with their home page, hopefully that clears up soon cause they’ve got some great info there. Also rumored to be adding a video from their new release Revelation Time

    Sewergrooves :aliensmile:

    Allison :P

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