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    Take a run at the sun, has J ever played it live? Its my favorite song title to shout at gigs. But hes never played it, I wonder why!!
    I hope he’ll play it at the next show I see in sept.
    So, J, if you read this the breezoid and me would really appreciate it if you would!



    hey Mikeey,
    last fall, J did an acoustic gig in Berlin, and some guys kept yelling very loud for that song all the time between the songs.
    So after one song J just started to sing with a funny high voice: "…take a run at the sun". Everyone was looking forward for the song, but J was obviously just joking… <img> he then started with a different song.
    Maybe he wasn’t prepared to play the song. I don’t know if he ever played it live.

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    that’s funny – Flyings cloud’s story sounds familiar. Me and Mikeey went to see him at the Underworld in lovely Camden about 18 months ago, got leathered and started shouting for that song – sound familiar yet? – anyway he did exactly the same, funny high voice intro…. then went into another song….. boooo. Will he play at the Metro?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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