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    hey Uralter Sack (what a name <img> ! I mean, age isn’t that important, and we’ve got a wide age span here, reaching from 14 to the mid-forties)

    Thanks for your story, interesting read.
    yeah, it has been a strange time in ’89 ’round the Berlin wall, but you seemed to have a great soundtrack to get you through <img>
    Welcome to this place <img>




    Welcome to this fine place
    Hope u have some fun round here

    I visited East Berlin in the Old Times once
    Was very impressive to see

    C Ya


    Uralter Sack

    that means hi everyone

    I’m from Berlin

    Born here, eastern part

    older than all of you <img>

    my first time with dinosaur was in early 1989. a friend of mine had a tape from FREAK SCENE. it was a copy from a copy from a copy from a copy… lousy quality. (it wasn’t possible to get new records during the time when the wall was on it’s place)

    we were listening to 3 new records at that afternoon:
    pixies, surfer rosa
    dinosaur jr., freak scene
    jingo de lunch (west-berlin-hardcore-band): perpetuum mobile

    and, except jingo, it was a whole new world

    freak scene was my record through the roaring summer of 1989, when thousands of people left east germany, the newspapers were packed with lies and threats. and, guess what I bought the first time, when I was in west-berlin: dinosaur jr.

    except music and my band (harhar, but if you anna look: http://www.calm-berlin.de) I support my local football team (you americans call it soccer) and hang around with my kids ‘n’ wife (older than you… höhö)

    that’s me.



    Hello and welcome! <img>



    hi and welcome, sack!

    have your band posted any mp3s? I couldn´t get into your web-site. Will try again later, though…




    I think this link will work a bit better to enter your band’s site: http://www.calm-berlin.de <img>


    Uralter Sack

    thanks, FC!

    yes, it was a good soundtrack during that time (and now too). it helped me to get more calm through this time. and I never heard stuff like FREAKSCENE before.

    Later, in summer 90, hanging around in new clubs in Berlin, the DJs always had to play songs from DINOSAUR.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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