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    Bucky Ramone

    I am currently putting cd’s in my bag for my one week holiday in Switzerland (so don’t be surprised if you don’t read anything from me for about a week, <img> , just too busy walking & mountain biking & maybe some snowboarding & lying in the sun & trying the Swiss beer….. <img> )

    This is what I’ve got in my bag thus far:

    Sonic Youth – Murray Street
    Wilco – YHF
    Silkworm – Italian Platinum
    V/A – Do the Pop! (australian garage-punk-rock 1976-1987)
    Neil Halstead – Sleeping on roads
    The Flying deWaele Brothers – Megamix (bootleg)
    Dinosaur Jr. – EBC
    Warren Zevon – My ride’s here
    Gorki – Vooruitgang
    dEUS – The ideal crash
    Mercury Rev – Live in Paris, August 2001 (bootleg)
    Minutemen – Double nickels on the dime



    Have a good time DB <img> sounds like you got a cool mix of music with you <img> I hope to check out the new Silkworm album when it gets here,they`re one of my fav bands.



    Hey DB,

    Have a great trip, just be careful remember the 666 <img>

    If you find an internet cafe on one of those mountains a road report would be pretty pleasing <img>

    Enjoy Yourself,

    Allison <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Thanks you all, I will be careful, and take care all of you yourselves, and don’t do anything that den Buck wouldn’t do (which means: just do whatever you want! <img> )

    Don’t know if I make it to an internet cafe, the small town where I am staying doesn’t have one (yes, those towns exist! <img> ), so don’t be surprised at not hearing from me for about a week…

    SG, I think you will like the Silkworm album, it also features Kelly Hogan on vocals <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Hi you all, back from a very sunny Switzerland, done all the things I wanted to, and even some more, just had a great time! <img>

    Well, seems that there is enough for me to read…. <img>



    Welcome Back!

    Glad that 666 thing didn’t haunt your trip <img>

    Get reading <img>


    ps How was the Swiss Beer, any recommendations? Remember I like the watery stuff though <img> <img>

    <small>[ 06-26-2002, 05:46 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>


    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Valentine Frankenstein:
    <strong>Glad that 666 thing didn’t haunt your trip <img>

    ps How was the Swiss Beer, any recommendations? Remember I like the watery stuff though <img> <img> </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Well, that 666 thing surely tried: big parts of Switzerland were repeatedly hit by violent hail and thunderstorms, causing lots of damage, the valley I was in only had one ten-minute thunderstorm (amazing to see how much water can fall in such a ten minute shower, by the way…. <img> )

    The beers: the Swiss lagers are all quite nice, especially this one:



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