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    What albums do you consider summer albums or like to play in the summer?

    Mine would be:
    Stooges-Raw Power
    Sugar-File Under Easy Listening
    Buffalo Tom-Let Me Come Over
    Dinosaur Jr-Whatever`s Cool With Me
    Teenage Fanclub-Grand Prix
    Nick Drake-Way To Blue
    Breeders-Last Splash
    Yo La Tengo-Electr A Pura
    Sonic Youth-Dirty
    Versus-2 Cents Plus Tax



    Anything by Sugar is associated with driving south really really fast during the summer;)

    Allison <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Can’t say I can really relate an album to summer, a lot of songs give me a summery feeling though….
    Here are a few:

    Posies – Flavour of the month
    Deee-Lite – Groove is in the heart
    Tom Petty – Into the great white open
    Grandaddy – Summer here kids
    Buffalo Tom – Sodajerk
    REM – Radio Song
    Guns’n’Roses – Paradise City
    dEUS – Suds and Soda
    The White Stripes – You’re pretty good looking (for a girl)
    Jimmy Eat World – The middle
    Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
    J. Mascis – Take a run at the sun
    Queens of the Stone Age – Feel good hit of summer
    Cake – Short skirt/Long jacket
    The Smithereens – Top of the pops
    Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a place on earth <img>



    Interesting list Buck <img> songs are ok with me if you can`t think of albums.
    Belinda Carlisle <img> <img>

    Thought up a few more albums:(more on the jazzy side this time)

    Charles Mingus-Black Saint And The Sinner Lady
    Wayne Shorter-Juju
    Jimmy Smith-Prayer Meetin
    Miles Davis-Agharta
    Stan Getz-Sweet Rain
    Getz/Byrd-Jazz Samba
    Pat Metheny-Works



    hey salami, i listen to alot of jazz in the summer too, and it looks like we share some of the same tastes……i’d have to add Mingus "Oh Yeah" to that list…….that album is just pure mingus bliss…….



    here are a few more that come to mind…..

    replacements pleased to meet me
    lemonheads it’s a shame about ray
    camper van beethoven II & III
    slim harpo tip on in
    clarence gatemouth brown pressure cooker
    jimi are you experienced
    talking heads naked
    b-boys paul’s boutique
    g love and special sauce self titled
    luscious jackson fever in fever out

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    Mingus`s Oh Yeah is a great album,Hog Callin Blues is totally killer! <img> (Roland Kirk and Booker Ervin made a great sax team).My fav Mingus album is Right Now At The Jazz Workshop,check out the song New Fables on Audiogalaxy,it`s 23 minutes of the wildest jazz possible.
    Slim Harpo is cool,used to have his Best Of comp on Rhino,Gatemouth Brown`s Pressure Cooker is a good album,borrowed that from the library before;Lemonheads and Replacements is always good summer music.



    salami….. "eat that chicken" is my fave track from oh yeah. i have the town hall concerts and live at the carnegie, but don’t have the jazz workshop Lp you mentioned……..maybe we should set up some trades. after you brought up the jazz this morning i listened to roland kirk "kirk’s work" and elvin jones "poly currents"



    and P.S…….as far as mingus’ sax men go………..dolphy is god……


    buckingham rabbit

    american analog set: from our living room to yours

    CCR: lookin’ out my back door
    belle and sebastian: a summer wasting
    m. ward: o’brien/o’brien’s nocturne

    and the ultimate summer song:
    yo la tengo: green arrow



    Violent Femmes -Violent Femmes
    The Rentals -Return of The Rentals
    Ash -1977
    Smashing Pumpkins -Siamese Dream


    Bucky Ramone

    Some albums:

    Posies – Frosting on the beater
    Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth
    Morcheeba – Fragments of freedom
    Utah Carol – Comfort for the traveler
    Calexico – Hot Rail

    …and of course…..

    V/A – Summer Hits of the 50’s and 60’s
    picked this vinyl album up for a few guilders at a record fair, it includes gems like Brian Hyland’s "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and the Surfaris "Wipe Out" (and the lady on the sleeve is worth a look as well, although the ideas about ‘itsy bitsy, teenie weenie’ bikinis have changed a lot the last few decades….. <img> )



    Weezer-Blue and Green work better for summer
    Jimmy Cliff-The harder they come
    Bob Marley-Legend
    Breeders-Last Splash
    The Smiths-The World Won’t Listen (Just Joking)
    Grateful Dead-American Beauty
    Nick Drake-Bryter Layter (not joking!)
    Miles Davis-Sounds of Spain

    I’d list Mingus, but I ALWAYS listen to Mingus



    Wireland-That New Fables song I mentioned is on that Jazz Workshop album,just go through the pages of Mingus`s section on AG and you`ll find it.The other song on that album is`nt there for some reason,or it`s on a later page.
    The Town Hall concert stuff is great by the way <img>


    Long Distance Drunk

    Guided by Voices–Bee Thousands
    Jurassic 5–Quality Control
    The Roots Come Alive
    I like more ska/popish "punk"/hip-hop in the summer, less "sad bastard" shite. Its still like 50 degrees here, though. Sucks, I’m supposed to go to the beach next week <img>

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