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    I just dug this out of my mess of a collection (I haven’t been listening to my old records in like ten years). Anybody else have it? White vinyl.
    Band members:
    J -guitar,vocals
    Murph -right drums
    Jay Spiegel -left drums
    Don Fleming -guitar,vocals
    Donna Biddle -bass

    I remember this being the big new thing when it came out, a mixing of Dino and B.A.L.L. A side sung by J, b side by Fleming (who I love from the Velvet Monkeys and B.A.L.L.). Both songs are great. I don’t know if they played shows with this line-up.



    I have this. Got it off of eBay a couple years back. It’s a nice little collector’s item. I think there’s more than one color for the vinyl and I’m pretty one version is worth a pretty penny. I have the white one and can’t remember the color of the valuable one.



    2000 copies on white.
    200 copies on purple(or pink).

    "Wagon" is a different mix than the album version.
    "Better Than Gone" is exclusive to this single.

    There was a Dino jr incarnation of J/Fleming/Speigel in ’91. :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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