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    this has been bugging me for awhile now- people always say to never open attachments from anyone you don’t know. but if viruses replicate themselves by sending themselves to everyone in your address book, wouldn’t you really only get viruses from people you know? unless you were the first person to get the virus? prolly not.
    also – anyone know how j learned to play gituar- is that how you spell gituar?- did he take lessons- learn chords from books..



    J was self tought on Guitar (a word I can type with my eyes closed <img> ). He played drums for years before going down to Slimey bob’s guitar rip-off shop. He wanted a strat but they were all to expensive, so he settled on a Jazzmaster, which he thought was a geeky guitar <img> . The whole story is related in a guitar world interview with J and Kevin Shields.

    BTW, I recently found an old guitar world where they take J shopping at Rogue music, anybody want to see it?



    Hey Malcom,

    I’d like to see that article, tried to find that article with J and Kevin Shields but seems is building fat androids… <img>


    Will post that article for you Bean when I can find it again, its a really cool hx type deal.

    Allison <img>



    As long as it`s not skinny androids,then I would worry <img> <img>
    I`d like to see that article too Malcom <img>



    hi, here’s a copy of the article you mean:
    J & Kevin Shields Interview 1993 <img>



    I don`t know much about computer viruses but I can tell you about J;he`s self taught on the gee-tar <img> and learned from playing along to Stooges and Rolling Stones records.

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    Hey Flying Cloud,

    Thanks for the help, good to hear from you <img> Fingers crossed Malcom posts that shopping expedition of J’s…would be cool <img>


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