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    I was viewing Sophie’s photo of new shirt and noticed her cruxifix and her Melvins poster. I was reminded of a very strange night in Nashville. I was living in New York but had come to Atlanta to visit my sister. When I arrived at her house she said we were all leaving to drive to Nashville to see the Melvins. When we got there it was so fu@#ing hot. The high temp that day was in the 90’s. This was July in the south!!! The show was in a Chinese restaurant that doubled as a music club.
    After 7 or so the owners closed down and moved the tables out of the way, etc. A big crowd gathered outside as we all waited to go in. We were sweating like pigs and when the doors finally opened we swarmed in and the heat and the smell of sweat were almost unbearable. I don’t remember an opening band but I do remember the Melvins taking the stage wearing just shorts and shoes. The heat was oppressive. The owners had not turned on any central air conditioning and the place had only a few tiny windows that opened and a back kitchen door. The band was only 4 songs into the show when Buzz did a face plant into the floor. The band played on for about 30 seconds more until they realized he was not getting up. At that point most of us were laughing and I can’t tell you why, it seemed like part of the show. Within a few miniutes the ambulance arrived and at this time most of us were trying to push our way out into the fresh 85 degree night air. They carried him into the ambulance and drove away. We all just started going around town drinking. No one thought of asking for a refund it seemed everyone felt they saw a good show. Was anyone here at Freak Scene at that show??? Does anyone know if that club still exists?

    Most of all I would love for others to share your strange stage moments with me. Thanks Stefka!!!



    Not any ones I`ve seen in person but heard about…
    -New Model Army:the singer got electrocuted on stage :shock: and survived!
    -Eric`s Trip:singer/guitarist Rick White`s guitar fell apart :?
    -Linda And Richard Thompson:Linda broke a beer bottle on Richard`s head :shock: (this was close to their divorce)
    -Guided By Voices:Bob fell over the drums and kept singing ‘Far Out Crops’
    -Sonic Youth:played a gig with Sun Ra in the rain,Ra told SY Thurston that he`d bring the sun out for them and the sun did come out :shock: :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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