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    When U have A Strange Songtitle Let Me Know, They have to be real Songs

    Palace Brothers – U Have Cum In Your Hair & Yr Dick Is Hanging Out


    The Dude

    hello my friend,

    if it’s strange song titles you want, look no further than oklahoma’s own flaming lips.

    here are several off the albums i own, though i know there are a lot more.

    transmissions form the satellite heart:
    "pilot can at the queer of god"
    "oh my pregnant head: labia in the sunlight"
    "she don’t use jelly"

    clouds taste metallic
    "psychiatric explorations of the fetus wiht needles"
    "placebo headwound"
    "guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world"
    "they punctured my yolk"

    they really toned down the song titles for the soft bulletin, but i know zarikaa has some pretty funked up song titles too.


    The Dude




    Flaming Lips have great names for songs…here is my choice off of Telepathic Surgery…Redneck school of Technology.

    Good topic Spaceboy, will be back with more tomorrow.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/aliensmile.gif[/img]



    I think all songtitles from Stereolab are really strange. The more because for me as a non native speaker, they have no relations to the songs (i.e. lyrics) whatsoever.
    Some examples
    Emperor Tomato Ketchup
    Nomus et Phusis
    Outer Bongolia
    The Brush descends the Length
    Refractions in the Plastic Pulse
    OLV 26

    A bit pretentious really. I never know what my favourite songs from stereolab are called (apart from Ping Pong).
    Man or Astroman have very strange songtitles as well, but then, they mostly do instrumentals, so there are no lyrics they can relate to.
    When Wedding Present put out their first album with titles like Everyone thinks he looks daft and What did your last servant die of? they were questioned about that and argued that these are things that people say everyday, whereas no one says things like Rain on the Sea (back then an albumtiltle by the Stars of Heaven) and since their songs where about everyday life the titles were most appropiate.

    more later



    "99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd" (half man half biscuit)
    well I think that´s quite strange as far as songtitles go.
    And while we`re at it, this gives me the prefect oportunity to as you about "Pull the wires from the wall". I give you the complete lyrics:

    Creeping round my house at dawn
    I’ll keep my curtains closed
    If you’re feeling fond of feeling wrong
    Fully clothed

    For a second time you’re on my mind
    Planted on this still
    You forget I do not pay in kind
    Kind’s not there

    For the eyes to see through
    All that I do

    For instance I don’t have to try
    I’m falling over all the right lines
    We only have to leave this last
    Resist all falling at the wrong times

    Safe in knowledge, safe in college
    I know all there is to know
    To have never stepped outside this ring
    Fools they flow

    For the self-assured I have no cure
    I only wish I was
    As my entertaining thoughts grow fewer
    Stills my cause

    For the eyes to see through
    All that I do

    For instance I don’t have to try
    I’m falling over all the right lines
    We only have to leave this last
    Resist all falling at the wrong times

    For the accent, for the day (don’t walk just swim)
    For the incidents they’ll happen and they’ll happen anyway (it’s gonna pass)
    When you leave here, leave this way (one last request)
    You are far enough to be impressed
    But not so far to be depressed
    Drink your souvenirs and go your way

    Now, can anyone tell me why this song is called Pull the wires from the wall. Me being German, I see no connection.



    Hello My Friends

    Thank U For All These Strange Song Titles
    They Are All Great

    Hey Dimpfelmoser

    I can’t See the Connection between that Songtitle & The Lyrics, But the Lyrics Are Great
    C Ya




    Rise of The Chokehold Princess…could get the prize for best song title if The Flaming Lips don’t beat it out [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    Mine seems really tame but hey I just love The Dickies…"Stuck in a Pagoda with Tricia Toyota"

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    Last year I bought a cd by the Loud Family;the titles are:
    Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    North San Bruno Dishonor Trip
    Don`t respond she can tell
    I`m not really a spring
    Rise of the chokehold princess
    such little nonbelievers
    the softest tip of her baby tongue
    screwed over by stylish introverts
    top dollar survivalist hardware
    not expecting both contempo and classique
    I no longer fear the headless
    hot rox avec lying sweet talk
    uncle lucky
    just gone
    asleep and awake on the man`s freeway
    where they go back to school but get depressed
    where they sell antique food
    where the flood waters soak their belongings
    where they walk over Sainte Therese

    How`s that for strange titles?



    Slint -Tweez

    all the tiles are named after parents and pets of the band…fucking genius.



    one armed scissor (at the drive-in)
    sad sauce (blackmail)
    a lap dancer is so much better when the stripper is crying (bloodhound gang)
    the milkman of human kindness (billy bragg)
    I would hurt a fly (built to spill)
    fast piss blues (come)
    a bureaucratic desire for revenge pt. 1 (earth)
    broken household appliance national foresty (grandaddy)
    how ghosts affect relationships (his name is alive)
    dicknail (hole)
    bitches brew (inspiral carpets)
    postwar product of a fat man’s wallet (leatherface)
    downs are feminine balloons (mercury rev)
    sweet odysse of a cancer cell in center of yer heart (mercury rev)
    date with ikea (pavement)
    waiting for the worms (pink floyd)
    subterranean homesick alien (radiohead)
    bullet with butterfly wings (smashing pumpkins)
    last of the big time drinkers (stereophonics)
    intense song for madonna to sing (mike watt)





    She Creatures of The Hollywood Hills…The Stooges

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]


    The Dude

    i still think the flaming lips are the kings of the strange songtitle catagory. for further proof, here are a few more from "zaireeka":

    "the train runs over the camel but is derailed by the gnat"

    "the big ol’ bug is the new baby now"

    "march of the rotten vegetables"

    case closed.


    The Dude



    I was thinking about some early examples of strange songtitles:
    Erik Satie-French Composer who lived during the late 19th century and early 20th century,his titles were like:
    Authentic Flabby Preludes-for a dog
    The Bean King`s War Chant
    Being Jealous of his comrade with the big head,2
    Him eat his cookie,3
    Taking advantage of his corns to steal his hoop

    Charles Mingus-jazz musician from the 1940`s to the 1970`s,his titles were like:
    She`s just miss popular hybrid
    All the things you could be by now if Sigmund Freud `s wife was your mother
    New Now Know How
    Meditation for a pair of wire cutters
    Tonight At Noon
    The Shoes of the fishermen`s wife are some jive ass slippers



    There are more strange songtitles in pop music than people on this message board, but let’s not forget Sonic Youth’s "Slaapkamers met slagroom," which is Dutch and translates as "Bedrooms with whipped cream." Strange.

    And, yeah, I’m back. Hi.



    if u want strange song titles then look no further than aphex twin;

    From ‘I care because you do’:
    ‘Acrid Avid Jam Shred’
    ‘Wax the Nip’
    ‘Wet Tip hen ax’
    ‘Cow cud is a twin’

    From ‘Richard D. James Album’:
    ‘To cure a weakling child’
    ‘Goon Gumpos’
    ‘Log N Rock Witch’

    his longest song title is:
    but mostly gets called ‘mathematical equation’ out of laziness.

    i’ll add more later..

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