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    I run the tarpit site so I get some pretty strange dinosaur jr related email from weird fans. Like this one:

    [Subject] Questions I need to know

    [Body] could you tell me everything that J. Mascis has done for the good of the US
    public? charity &c

    I don’t get it does this make sense to anyone

    I have got another email today not dinosaur jr related but still perplexing me

    [Subject] Re:Friendship

    [Body]Thank You!!!

    I do not know the sender. It could have been sent to me by accident or it could be a clever junk mail in disguise that once you reply to it send you lots of crap.

    Does anyone else have weird stuff in their inbox?



    Hi bob. First of all, the answer to what good J has done for the US public is easy. He has made music that’s above and beyond, thus giving the public the possibility of enjoying pure art. By making such great music he has made people from other countries, such as Norway, think of America as a magic land where people sit on beds of clouds and play excellent solos. Or something like that.
    As for weird mail, got this couple of weeks ago.
    [subject]Relationship between dog and owner.

    [body]It is so great to finally find someone with the same view as myself. I have tried to tell people this for years. In my family we have decided that our dog, a wonderful Akita Inu, should be the leader of the house. Both my cats agreed with me on this. He usually wakes us up around seven, then we eat breakfast before we go for a long walk. Some times we stay out all afternoon playing in the park. I Love my dog. Please write back soon.

    I’m not sure what to make of this, I’ve tried to reply, but with no luck. So I’m guessing someone has just made it all up. And it’s too f’kd up to be true.

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    I get loads of em. Lot’s of mail intended for J. One guy said he wanted to have a guitar dual with J so that he could prove he was ‘a god’. I got quite a kick out of it. I think he saw ‘Crossroads’ one too many times. Quite silly.

    If I remember more i’ll post em.




    Nothing weird really….just a few receipts from porn sites and one from my mom asking me to change the light bulbs over her garage.

    I got an email from Walter Williams once.

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    — Charlie Robison

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