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    “11. Green Mind (Am I the only one who can’t get into this album?) “

    Probably my friend : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I do find it funny when someone always says this album is so underated ! I’m never quite sure who they are talking about that underrates said album ?

    Never seen a below ‘good’ Dino album review ?

    And yes on green mind 🙂 – only joking and welcome to the boards



    “No one else thinks Hand it Over is one of their best?”

    I agree, it’s pretty good, but like I said it took a while for it to grow on me. ‘Where You Been’ and “Without a Sound” were instant hits to me at the time of their release. Whereas the first single released on “Hand it Over” was ‘Nothin’s Goin’ On’. I remember thinking a big “?” when it came out. It was so different than Without a Sound of anything else J really did. Seems more akin to ‘Take a Run at the Sun’ now that I think about it. I don’t think J’s going back to that style of music any time soon. Anyways, Hand it Over was a little bit of a let down when it came out. Not because it was bad, but because it came out of left field. Great album though, I love love listening to it!



    ^ Maybe it’s because I haven’t been a fan of theirs for long. I’ve known about them, but didn’t get crazy into them until fairly recent. So I think Farm is the newest one that I remember coming out and playing the release date. But going back into their catalogue, Hand it Over really does it for me. And I think ALONE is my fave song of theirs :-*



    Alone rocks! I also love ‘Can’t We Move This Along’ and ‘Mick’…”When you faaaand a geeeerl….!”



    I love this discussion… like many of you, my favorite Dinosaur album changes over time, but here’s a stab at it:

    Where you been
    Without a sound
    Hand it over
    Whatever’s cool with me (EP)
    Green Mind

    I’m gonna stand up for Without a Sound on several counts: if you listen to the “Keeblin live Australia tour CD” (5 live tracks), “Grab It” is fantastic, even though it is nothing particularly special on the cd, I’d love to hear that tune played again, fantastic solo and drum counterpoint toward the end of a short, frenetic, awesome live track. Also, interesting blend of mellow (Outta Hand, Mindglow) and really rockin’ tunes with crushingly beautiful yet dissonant solos (Even You’s solo…). Of course Over Your Shoulder is fantastic. Not to say I don’t love some tunes off Green Mind, but as a whole, I just still don’t get into that one as much, either. Still don’t. I will say, however, that Thumb is one of their best ever and one of my favorite live tracks. I personally disagree with the idea that “Farm” felt phoned in or on auto-pilot. I felt quite the opposite, I thought the tracks had a bit more urgency to them. “I don’t wanna go there” also makes my favorite list, killer live. Finally, since Hand it Over took a beating overall I’m gonna support it here. I thought the trumpet on “I’m Insane” was absolutely inspired, as well as the intro to “Never Bought It”. Surprisingly, I thought “Alone” was boring and way too long… ? Here’s to discussing where “I bet on sky” falls after everyone gets it!



    Green Mind as #1? A bold move on their part. Put it at 3 and then move up Bug and YLAOM and I can agree with that list.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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