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    Ok. This is the all purpose thread.
    Phew, that went all right, didn’t it ? I am satisfied with that opening.

    The purpose of the all purpose thread is, as stated, everything.
    It has however, a main purpose. To bring FS back to life.
    Insert deviously cunning master plan to make said thing happen here :

    Excitement is needed. Sadly, as of right now, I am not very excited myself. I’ll start working on that this instant.

    Sorry for the delay, I just found out I had forgotten my password to photobucket, aim, msn etc. Well, nuts to that.
    Had I remembered aim I could’ve contacted girl, rich, deepslugde(tony,) and told them to get their uniforms back on. Suit up, revolution is in the air.

    Ha, I forgot to tell you that this is the end of the internet as you know it. Don’t be alarmed. Nor afraid.
    Everythings gonna be allright(you know the melody, chant it for a minute or two and you should be fine.)

    Well, ‘Stefka, surely you’ve got Rich’s mail adress or aim or what ever ? You know what to do.

    I’m listening to Lola Vs Powerman right now, boy was I wrong to think that Village Green and Arthur were the only great Kinks albums.

    I bought a great 7" today, actually I bought 3, and I have no idea idea if the music is any good.
    I’ll listen to it eventually. It’s a single by a girl called Stina Stjern and the reason I bought it, or rather 3 as it were, is that she has hand knitted 100 covers. That’s a nice thing to do. So I bought 3.
    This is what they look like

    Vinyl. It’s true love.
    Saying that you love music, but only listen to cd’s is like saying that you love sex but you’ve only masterbated.

    Maybe it isn’t. But it surely is here in the all purpose stand up and be counted thread.

    Oh and the picture is taken with my cellphone and I was too lazy to crop out the carton of chocholate milk, my hat(is it a hat when it’s knitted ?) and the wine glas.
    But I guess this is the thread for the whole picture.



    Hands in the air those of you who recognised maxinis pavement signature.
    I am not one half of the problem, Zurich is stained….
    Comfort right there.
    He can juggle as well, maxini that is.

    Speaking of great music, I have been totally obsessing over the late bp helium and the music tapes the last weeks. If anyone sees anyone of those guys, give them a great big hug from me.

    Has anyone seen Darjeeling Limited ? Wes Anderson is the hens teeth !
    Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou was fucking awesome, but Darjeeling Limited is like, it’s just so beautiful.
    That movie made me want to have brothers. Brothers and illegaly obtained indian prescription pharmaceuticals.

    There’s a new Decemberists album coming out soon. Not to mention that Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs will be released on vinyl this year. + new dino. Erotica for your ears right there.



    Oh, if you’re reading this, new or old member, this is the place to make some noise.
    The one man revolution can only go so far.

    I have been almost completely off the web for close to two years, one thing I notice is this enigma called facebook.
    Of course, on the three continents I visited the last couple of years people were constantly asking me if I was on facebook but hey, it’s not like I thought it would be important to be anywhere else than where I was at the time. Least of all on the internet.

    It would’ve been pretty nifty now though, I could’ve facebooked people right back here.
    Is that how it works ? Is it worth doing or is it as addictive as vicodin and when push comes to shove about as useful as a rash between your shoulderblades ?



    I’ve emailed ‘Stefka. The troops are finally beginning to move.
    Not that we’re an army. No I regret the whole troops comment.
    If we were an army we’d be the army of lovers, sadly that is an awful swedish band, so that’s no good.

    I rest my case.



    Damm, Can’t find the words !



    Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I can’t believe it really. Tonas let me know you had posted but about 5 minutes later before I had time to go to Freakscene….we lost all power….a Freak snow storm, 8 inches….unheard of here….not since 1993!!!! I took lots of video and photos which I’ll put up on my FB. I have gathered a whole bunch of folks who are going to see Dinosaur Jr with me in April. At first I was excited, I thought, Dinosaur Jr, they are coming down South first because they love us the best …..because we are the greatest fans ever…than I had a second thought…they are coming down South first because….. they will be trying to get their game on…with the new songs and such…..getting the machine up and running ….so by the time they get the the rest of Y’all it will sound real good. I’ll try to go back to my first thought soon. Going down to 19 degrees tonight….time to put some socks or something on my feet. Still no school tomorrow because much of our town is out of power still. We had to chainsaw our way out of the driveway only to decide not to drive anywhere today…stayed at home, with hot chocolate…did make it out to the garden….I said out loud "Ha,Ha…fireants…..now you’re all dead" not a nice thought but if you have ever had a child running through the yard screaming at the top of their lungs with red ankles and legs you have less sympathy. We have had several Coyotes this winter as well, I think they would like to have my little guy as a snack…they look hungry. Teaching him how to pick up a big stick and use his power voice if needed to run them off.



    I’m making noise! Sorry I couldn’t get away from work earlier to post. Robert, those 7"s look cool. It must have taken someone a long time to knit all those covers.

    Yes it seems this facebook thingy has taken over the internet. I talk with Jerimiah, and Stefka on there from time to time. Its fun to catch up with old friends but I agree we should all be hanging out here. And from what I hear Here is about to get a pretty epic facelift. I guess the site won’t just be the boards but a whole lot more (according to Jeremiah). I can’t wait for that.

    You’re lucky Stefka posted something, I am surprised she didn’t give up the internet for Lent which she has done for the past few years. I wonder what she gave up this year?

    I too am digging the new song, and am still trying to figure out how I can get an mp3 rip of the audio from those Pitchfork videos. If anyone knows how or has them to share, do tell.



    So great Tonas, yes we are in lent………and so sad….it’s impossible to give up the Internet now for lent…….everything has been moved to the Internet all bill paying and we have a thing at school called parent portal that allows me to review assignments, test scores and homework grades as they come in. All communication with my youngest Daughters teachers as well (in Montessori school). My gang of girlfriends now get together by using FB…making playdates for us as well as for the littlest guy. My husband has to work out of town often and I’ve noticed during the day he wont answer the phone and when he does he will answer by yelling "What?" instead of saying "Hello" Hmmmmmm? (LOL)…….and when he does answer he will say…I’ve got a hundred things going on, a hundred people that need my attention at the moment can you give me the "condensed version of what it is you called about….not War and Peace" I went to work with him the other night and to his credit he is often under tremendous deadline pressure, everyone is freaking out about money right now……..lots of stress, it amazes me how calm he stays when folks are losing their stuff all around him. He knows he can take it out on me by answering the phone like that and I’ll always forgive him. At night however….he will always take the time to write me a long e-mail if he is out of town and let me know what is happening. So this year for lent….no sweets…no meats…no wheat….we eat very humble…lots of beans and rice…and veggies and rice……and eggs and potatoes. This year instead of taking away we have added…we read together as a family every night………I’ve been reading Diego Rivera book to them…and Nancy Drew for the littlest girl…..and we have a big group prayer in my room at night before bedtime. Also, the older three children have to help me with big things around the house, like painting ….getting the garden ready……that means gathering huge bags of composted horse poop and taking it up to the garden….lots digging and moving things around. It works for us. Ha, ha we have had snow on the ground for three days and everyday Alvaro wants to wake up and go outside and play in it….I say…"Okay…after my coffee, etc.." I hate it…its wet and cold and my toes get cold and my shoes get soaked. I made two snowmen without gloves…no one here has gloves. This morning he woke up and said "Now I want the snow to go away…I’m ready for my real yard to come back"……Yea, Alvaro…. A Southern Guy has emerged from him after all. We are all ready for our yard and life to come back to normal. Snow is just like a vacation the best day is the first day and the next best day is the one you spend back in your own bed. Time to start peeling potatoes. Oh, about the fire ants, I forgot, a few weeks ago we got into the upper 70’s and all the little fire ants came out and starting making nests in my compost bin and under the trees etc… that’s why, this cold and snow is a blessing…we hope it brings us less ants, less ticks in the summer. The sap was starting to rise in all the little critters and I think they got a rude surprise.



    We have momentum.

    Stefka, I hope you’re still enjoying the fruits of electricity. A power outage is only fun if it’s at a cabin deep in the forest and there’s plenty of Amarone and nudity.
    Instead of putting the pictures up on face book you should put them here. What the hell is an all purpose thread without some snow pictures ?
    Not very all purposey, that’s what.

    Have you turned buddhist while I’ve been away ? Being so thoughtful about the fire ants you’ve cursed for so long, I mean.



    Edit: seeing as you’re still doing lent(is it called doing lent ?) I realise you haven’t gone buddhist.
    I admire your commitment, and I’m very happy to learn that all is well with you and your family :D


    "tonas" wrote:
    And from what I hear Here is about to get a pretty epic facelift. I guess the site won’t just be the boards but a whole lot more (according to Jeremiah). I can’t wait for that..
    "tonas" wrote:
    I guess the site won’t just be the boards but a whole lot more (according to Jeremiah). I can’t wait for that.

    Oh oh oh ! In the beginning freakscene was the dinosaur jr audio/visual something or another, audivisual archive perhaps ? I think so.
    Maybe Jeremiah is tuning us a bit back towards our roots ? FSF is the audiovisual dealy now of course, but
    more content to fs would be super.
    Can you belive Jeremiah ? Creating this great place on the world wide web and then keeping it alive for so many years. He definetely deserves thanks and praises !
    Does he still have long hair ? I’ve always thought that he would look like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums(after he cut his hair and tried to commit suicide,) if he cut his hair.

    I’m crawling around the web to find something that’ll let my mac copy/download the audio off of the pitchfork.tv dino tunes.
    There’s gotta be something out there.



    You should all open up a new tab and point it towards dimadozen.org and download the great dvd of J+Fog at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor ’01. Not to mention the dino in Portugal ’07. Killer show !


    "Frenchboy" wrote:
    Damm, Can’t find the words !

    Hey Tommy, just showing up here is a great start.
    Words can come at a later stage in the revolution :)



    Jeremiah’s hair is short now I think. Last pic I saw it was short like shaved short. Come to think of it Luke Wilson is a great comparison, he does look like him with the short hair. Maybe I’ll message him and find out on the timeline for the upcoming changes.

    Who knows maybe if I play my cards right I could become a moderator as well. I’ve always wanted that funny little tag anyway. Fingers crossed.



    I knew it ! Thanks for the confirmation :mrgreen:
    And you should definetely tell him that I was right about the Luke Wilson thingy.
    Hey, Jeremiah ! Post a pic of yourself you handsome fox !

    My lord yes, you deserve a plaque and a statue here at fs for being one of the faithful few.
    Flying Cloud, SG, Bucky, Spaceboy and I should probably be spanked for our hiatus.
    By Jeremiah. With a tennis racket.

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