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    Awesome show last night. I’d never heard opening band Purling Hiss before, and was really impressed. The guitar player is incredible. At times, their music sounded more like Dinosaur then any other opening band I’ve ever seen play with Dinosaur jr. They sounded a bit like the stooges, dinosaur jr, nirvana, with some pavement like rhythms in a few songs, and some Shins like quirkiness. At times, it reminded me a bit of the Screaming Females as well. I liked them so much that I am going to buy their albums.

    I have seen Dinosaur Jr play over 40 times over the year, and this was easily one of my top 5 shows. There was a little mix up with the start to Pierce the Morning rain, but the band sounded excellent. At some shows of their shows, it can be tough to hear the vocals or bass, but last night the sound was exceptional. They did a great mix of old songs and new. Oddly enough, the crowd seemed to really get into when the band played the 90’s material. There were lots of young people in the crowd, and after Little Fury Things when the band started to play Start Choppin, the place went nuts. Same thing with Feel the Pain. It just surprised me that so many of them who were probably born in the 90’s were so into those tunes.

    My favorite thing about the whole night was how the band sort of merged the Dinosaur and Fog sounds more then I’d ever heard the original line up do. Thumb and Yeah We Know were stretched out.A few of the other songs were stretched out as well. J was pretty quiet, even for him, but Lou seemed to be smiling the entire night.It may sound weird, but the band truly seemed to be enjoying themselves more then I’ve ever seen. It was awesome.

    The new songs did sound better live then on the album. A bit heavier, and more aggressive.I just wish J would’ve done those weird squeels at the end of what was that. He sort of just chunked it as he played the rhythm.

    The Dinosaur jr setlist

    Yeah We Know
    Pierce the Morning Rain
    What Was That
    Watch the Corners
    Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
    Little Fury Things
    Start Choppin
    Feel the Pain
    The Wagon
    Training Ground(I think) Deep Wound
    Forget the Swan


    Sludgefeast…….which ended with a few minutes of a psych/ feedback drenched jamming at the end to close the show

    any questions, let me know. I’m not a good enough writer to do the show justice.



    Dude, I feel like I was there! Great review man. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a couple weeks in Seattle.

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