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    Received these blurbs from a very cool guy from Bob Moulds site, nice enough to pass these on for FreakScene <img> Apparently these were written but never used on the SST releases…or something like that <img>

    Dinosaur JR
    You’re Living All Over Me
    SST Records 130

    Where later Alternative rockers would find Inspiration-J Mascis, L Barlow and company turn noise and lo fi recording into something hummable and memorable. Stand out tracks include "Kracked" and "In A Jar"-and they even make Peter Framptons "Show Me The Way" BEARable.

    Dinosaur JR
    Dinosaur Jr
    SST Records 152

    Debut recording by Dinosaur Jr-also found on You’re Living All Over Me (the compact disc version)

    *huh <img> *

    Dinosaur Jr
    SST Records 216

    Perhaps the finest collection of songs-nine examples of feedback inflused melodic bliss. Tracks you can remember once the compact disc/album/cassette is finished

    Dinosaur Jr
    Freak Scene
    SST Records 220

    Singles culled from the Bug CD with an unreleased number later featured on fossils

    Dinosaur Jr
    Just Like Heaven
    SST Records 244

    Dinosaur Jr turns up the amps and does a louder version of The Cures classic hit-also features unreleased tracks Throw Down and a cover of a Boston punk band-Last Rites tune

    Dinosaur Jr
    SST Records 275

    Professor! Look what I found! It is a Boston area band who influenced many other alternative bands and one member formed Sebadoh. All the singles like Freak Scene-The first ep that has In A Jar, as well as the Just Like Heaven EP are all on this album/cassette/tape. What a find!

    Also included a bunch of other bands stuff but will include the Watt related stuff here <img>

    Ragin’ Full On
    SST Records 079

    After the tragic death of D Boon- Ed from Ohio also known as Ed Crawford asked Hurley and Watt if they wanted to jam and form a band again. Watt had no trouble "Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz" and Crawford shows he is capable of co-writing a good song in "Brave Captain"

    SST Records 131

    Sometimes is from the If’n record, so is "For The Singer in REM"-a song REM wishes they had written.
    Rhymin’ Speiling is an unreleased track and features groovy bass from Watt. The vinyl version has a different track-a cover of S.W.A.’s "She Paints Pictures"

    SST Records 235

    The bands last release before they signed with a major (label that is) In this installment-Watt tries to solve "The riddle of the eighties" and tell us "What Gets Heard" Crawford wants to "Spend Time With You" and Hurley "gets some"-percussion time-a track to display his prowess.

    Thanks again to a cool guy from SC <img>




    Thanks again VF <img> they were problably going to be used in the SST catalog but were`nt for some reason <img>



    Good call on the catalog deal, they were done in 99 for the SST catalog. VERY cool of the guy to pass them on… <img>

    Allison <img>

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