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    Every year, two of my coworkers, Kelly and Jennifer throw a big Halloween bash at Kelly’s house. This year they went all out and decorated the front of the house to look like the Bates Motel. The interior of the house was a tribute to several other classic horror films (Frankenstien in the dinning room, Creature from the Black Lagoon on the back deck, etc.) It’s always a real blast!

    I have several pictures, from several different peoples cameras on my website now, so check it out:

    Click if you dare!

    By the way… I’m the super-evil looking guy in the hooded cloak with the white face and dark rings around my eyes. :aliensmile:



    wow, what a "hell" of decoration :o :shock: :aliensmile: ….frighteningly wonderful!
    looks like it was a great party! thanks for the link, Mattman :)



    Cool pics 8)

    Some great costumes, saw a Beetlejuice in there along with Mattmans frightening scary guy deal… :aliensmile:



    It was a very awesome party… Many very cool costumes!

    I like the Shrek one, well, because that was the dudes real belly in there. :shock:

    …but I think my favorite was the Exorcist couple… Very creepy, and very well done. The guy isn’t really grey, nor as old as he looks in the pictures, and his wife is just super creepy looking (the height difference between the two is pretty funny though!) 8)

    As for me, I really just threw my costume together from old, leftover stuff. Next year I already have something much better in mind, but it’s gonna take some work… :twisted:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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