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    forget the swan, leper, does it float, gargoyle, pointless [into only] repulsion, severed lips, mountain man, quest, bulbs of passion, little fury things, kracked, sludgefeast, lung, raisans, tarpit, in a jar, freak scene, no bones, yeah we know, budge, the post, chunks, just like heaven

    not played:

    cats in a bowl, pointless, lose, poledo, they always come, let it ride, pond song, don’t, keep the glove, throw down, show me the way



    Well, since they’re doing those "Your Living All Over Me"-in-it’s-entirety shows overseas, I guess they’re going to have to play Lose and Poledo.

    I’m real currious how they’re going to pull off poledo live.

    And, are they going to top the show off with "Show me the Way" or "Just Like Heaven?"



    I think Show Me THE Way and Don’t are out of the picture by what has been said in recent interviews. Let it Ride is unlikely since Lou can’t remember it’s existence.

    I think Lou may have played Poledo on his own before.



    I’m pretty sure Poledo it’ll be Lou walking out with his accoustic guitar. Sebadoh did a full band version of it (just the 2nd part "like every little moron I think nothing’s real") and played that live many tmes. I have an electric Lou solo rendition where he does the full song incl. the "I’m turning rounder every day" bit. I’m sure he can do it. :D



    they did not play leper in london…im gonna see them again in stockholm, sweden in a few weeks and i hope they will play it then. it is probably the best song off of the dinosaur album.



    they didn’t play Let it Ride at the atlanta show, and i don’t think i’ve seen it among any of the other setlists either. I would’ve loved for them to play that song but i was perfectly happy just to see them play any song hehe.



    at the London show are you referring to The Leper or Lose?
    because I don’t have The Leper listed in any of my London sets
    that I got, but someone said that Lose was played 06/09/05 ???

    let me know

    I also still need the festival sets




    lose was not played as far as i know

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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