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    What are some songs you’ve heard where the inspiration is totally and completely included?


    1.At the end of the first track on My Bloody Valentine’s "Loveless", where it gets all spacey and moody, It sounds EXACTLY the same as the interlude of Metallica’s song Orion on "Master of Puppets" like EXACTLY… And Im pretty sure Metallica’s came out first… but not positive…

    2. The Meat Puppets in general, esp. "II", I think; sound A LOT like Nirvana, and MP came out like 10 years before N. (I just dont have the heart to say it the other way around :roll: ). I think Curt was way too talented to copy off anyone, but it is neat to listen to the influence…

    3. There is a song on Neil Young’s "Silver and Gold" that sounds just about the same as a song of Dino Jr’s, and Im not sure which song it is on S+G, or which DJ song it is… I’ll have to listen again…again, Im not saying J copied, at all, again, too talented, but the influence is there.

    4. The Who’s "Tommy" sounds like just about EVERY rock album Ive ever heard, which only is cool when you consider that Tommy was made like 30 years ahead of everything else…

    5. And last but not least, Motley Crue’s "Shout at the Devil" sounds like just about every 80’s metal album, when it too was made before all of them, too.
    :D duh duh SHOUT, duh duh SHOUT, duh duh SHOUT- SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!! :D

    Oh yeah, too. The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers" doesnt really sound like much that came after it, but if you listen to 1:16 into Mr. Kite, when the harpsichord starts, and 2:10 into Lovely Rita, this total SWAMP FUNK boogie starts, its like "Whoa, I didnt know the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on this album"… :)



    All the Strokes songs sounds like all the Strokes songs, or they sound exactly the same to put it another way.



    I had a thread on this topic awhile back but I`m to lazy to look for it… good topic! :)

    -Blown A Wish by My Bloody Valentine and Your Favorite Thing by Sugar;in the Sugar song Bob starts out with a verse that sounds like the 2nd verse of the MBV song
    -Victory by PJ Harvey and The Admiral by Shellac:very similar but it makes sense that Albini of Shellac and Ms Harvey were having an affair around this time(or were both songs written before that?)
    -Pyramid by Duke Ellington and the outro of Layla by Derek And The Dominos:very alike
    -Portrait Destroyed By Fire by Guided By Voices:anyone think this sounds like the songs on Slint`s Spiderland?the GBV song is from 1987,Slint recorded Spiderland around 1990 or 91.
    -New Rose by The Damned and Spizzle Trunk by Pavement;Pavement ripped off alot of songs,In The Mouth A Desert has a guitar part that sounds like an early `80s hit and Brinx Job sounds alot like Spinning Wheel by Blood,Sweat,And Tears.
    -For Absent Friends by Genesis and Feed Me With Your Kiss by My Bloody Valentine;maybe I`m crazy but there`s a similar melody in there.

    "SG" wrote:
    -Victory by PJ Harvey and The Admiral by Shellac:very similar but it makes sense that Albini of Shellac and Ms Harvey were having an affair around this time(or were both songs written before that?)

    wow, they would have had some skinny kids.

    what album is that gbv song from?



    It`s from GBV`s first album Devil Between My Toes,only available as part of the first box set called Box.They really should release those albums separately sometime.
    Actually Albini`s girlfriend after his break up with Polly Jean used to do a radio show here on the college station.Skinny kids :lol: I say so :)


    cool, i’ll have to listen to that soon. i have both box and spiderland, but i haven’t listened to either in awhile



    The Who’s "My Generation" and Buddy Holly’s "Not Fade Away." You can actually sing one over the other.



    Faithful by Giant Sand has a part that sounds like No Quarter by Led Zeppelin.Howe really wants to Jimmy Page,we all know that :wink: Howe and Robert Plant worked together on a tribute to Giant Sand`s steel guitarist a few years back so it makes sense.


    K7 Rides Again

    1) The Pixies-Cecilia Ann

    sounds like—Johnny Thunders-Pipeline (which is in fact a cover of the Chantay’s)

    2) J Mascis & Te Fog- Where’d You Go

    sounds almost exactly like—David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust




    Dino Jr – Im insane —> Dino Jr – I know yer insane.. :wink:



    bowies ziggy stardust: the last riff, not the familiar riff that J has done replica of :lol: , but the one that goes A-G-F I think.- sounds much the same as Led zeppelins A-G-F chords in Stairways to Heaven.

    I think those guitar chords also are played in Bruce Dickinsons’ Tears of the Dragon..

    so there are three songs where the ends sound the same

    I don’t have the songs here, but will listen again to see if my suggestions are thin. :wink:

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