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    Anybody see it this week?



    Nope haven’t seen it, did check their site though, can only get a bit of the article…don’t really want to pay to subscribe to the site… :shock:

    I’m not with the band

    Looks like its about Lou…

    I’m Not With The Band

    What happens after the band breaks up –We take a look at the solo careers of members of Smashing Pumpkins, James, Stone Roses and Dinosaur Jr by Leah Greenblatt



    i havent seen the one for this week- but there was a pretty good article a couple of weeks ago. it listed all the things that the J,Lou,and Murph liked and disliked about each other. its a pretty entertaining read. one of the things J said he liked about Lou was that he played a few games of miniature golf with him and thought it was an ok time. ill try to post the whole thing later tonight- i think it was about 3 pages long- it had some pretty cool pictures as well.



    Wow, Dino got three pages in EW?! I thought they were all about Will Smith and Tom Cruise.



    It’s got an interesting section to it, too. Sorta
    stoking the historic drama between the band
    members, by having them list the three things
    each likes and dislikes about the others.

    Worth a read.



    Who’s on the cover? I might try to pick this up.



    would be highly interesting to read this article! :) :!:



    yes, i’d love to see this one posted if poss! :D



    Would love to read that story as well, wonder who won the mini golf deal… :P :wink:

    Looks like a couple of Dinosaur Jr stories in the mag over the last couple weeks. Hope more North American interviews start coming out soon!



    only got the first bit of the article, looks really interesting, hope someone can finish it off…


    Digging Up Dinosaur Bones
    Dinosaur Jr. reunites to rerelease three albums — The alt-rock pioneers submit to EW’s version of a session with Dr. Phil

    Dinosaur Jr., it’s fair to say, is among the most underappreciated bands of the alt-rock era. While abundant credit is tossed the way of the Pixies or Sonic Youth, the boys from Amherst, Mass., did as much as either to set the stage for the explosion sparked by Nirvana. Between 1984 and 1989, singer and guitarist J Mascis, bassist (and sometimes vocalist) Lou Barlow, and drummer Emmett Jefferson ”Murph” Murphy III recorded and toured behind three genre-defining albums of melody and feedback: Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me, and Bug (which have all recently been rereleased on Merge). Then Mascis and Barlow’s seething tensions led to the latter’s being booted from the band. Mascis blamed Barlow’s increasing insolence and negative attitude; Barlow blamed Mascis’ ego and need for unwavering control. Murph, well, he was stuck in the middle….

    To continue reading this article, you must be an EW Subscriber, EW Newsstand Buyer, or AOL Member.

    Looks like aol members can access this article online…someone out there… :wink:



    entertainment weekly has a deal on CNN, Dinosaur Jr is #4 on things to do this week…

    CNN/EW must see list

    4. Dinosaur Jr. Reunited and touring this summer is the seminal ’80s alt-rock band whose sound was less alternative and — God bless ’em — more rock.

    Q&A: Dinosaur Jr.

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