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    Hola or Heaven

    Some Pics from J:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    & a Dutch Review:
    Daarvoor lag heel Deventer aan de voeten van J Mascis, de vroegere voorman van Dinosaur Jr., die in een grijs verleden nog wel eens in het BWH had gespeeld. Nu was vooral het sluike lange haar van J erg grijs geworden. Dat mocht voor de fans de pret niet drukken; zij vonden alle fratsen van J Mascis even prachtig en gaven de man zelfs een toegift. Uw gastheer dacht alleen maar dat hij naar Neil uit Young Ones met een effectpedaal zat te kijken, en had de beste man, als hij op het Leidseplein had zitten spelen, beslist geen euro gegeven. Beste moment uit de set: de gitaarsolo die J speelde terwijl hij met een ingenieus apparaatje zijn akoestische gitaar liet doorspelen middels een loopje.

    hEY Den Buck, can u translate this please, thanks

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    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by King Me Baby:
    <strong>hEY Den Buck, can u translate this please, thanks</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Yep, translation (of this not exactly enthousiastic short review) is coming, might be tonight, might be tomorrow, now off to have something to eat & drink with a couple of friends <img> <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    dB’s translation (with some added comments by den Buck in [ ]):

    Before that [before what? – dB] all of Deventer was lying at the feet of J. Mascis, the former frontman of Dinosaur Jr., a band that has played in the Burgerweeshuis somewhere in a grey past. Now it was mainly the sleak hair of J. that had become very grey. [Wow, what a great joke <img> – dB] That didn’t spoil the fun for the fans, they were enjoying all of J. Mascis’s antics, and they even gave the guy the opportunity to do an encore. Your host [who the **** are you? <img> – dB] was only thinking that he was watching Neil from the Young Ones [great series, does anyone remember them? <img> – dB] with an effects pedal, if he would have seen this man sitting and playing at the Leidseplein he surely wouldn’t have given him any money […sounds typical Dutch to me <img> – dB]. Best moment of the set: J. playing a solo while his acoustic guitar was being looped through some clever gadget.



    yeah the Young Ones!!!1 There were old BBC but got a lot of MTV spin during the mid to late 80’s. Such bands as Madness, Motorhead and others I forget used to do musical spots.

    you had four archetypes living together as supposedly college students in a squat:

    Neil the shiftless hippie stoner
    Mike the preppie? smart dressed ladies man who never had any chicks
    Ric the mod or snotty Cliff Richards fan
    and finally Vivian a male hardcore punker who had like a set of general’s stars looking like they were pounded into his forehead, complete with an attitude that I would have if someone did that to me.

    This was lowbrow satire of youth society but riotous under the right substances.

    The reviewer was right, Neil and J did look a little alike far as the tallness and long hairstyle. I would bet a lot of people picked up the crazy slacker shit from Neil and hung it on J. It would kinda fit, at the the relation thing to it.

    Thanks for the review DB and Spaceboy

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