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    have you ever had trouble trying to understand the manual you received with something that required some assembly? get a load of these:




    Humor is always a good thing :aliensmile:

    I have to find a way to put up the instructions for putting together this huge paper triplane I got a couple years back… :shock: It’s still in the box, my eyes cross whenever I look at the instructions, a zillion small pieces unlabelled glued together in a specific order…how is that possible :?

    The winning entry in that link, gotta love vague instructions… :shock: :? :slap:


    Randy Jane

    What are you talking about? Thats easy to figure out….I can anyways…I mean, it really easy to be learn how you why to know these thing dont think you of that? Smart you have to not be to learned these things at school elemenentary class know right? Well, tossed salad monkey droors, I have to go now dont you? HI!
    -Randicular Janis.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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