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    Thanks to snoop’s hint, I fell over this German site (http://www.intro.de/) with some cool
    J Mascis reviews 8)

    As they’re really nice & individual, I thought I translate them :mrgreen:

    Free so Free review :P

    * * * * *

    J. Mascis & The Fog, Free so Free (City Slang/Labels)
    (Further: Sleater Kinney; One Beat, Amy Rag; Stag)

    I didn’t like the general tenor of the press info for J Mascis’ new record: "Sometimes you can find the truth where you didn’t look for it, in this case: In a recent issue of Playboy magazine, a centerfold model was asked what kind of music she preferred. "Classic Rock," she wrote. "Neil Young, the Cure, Dinosaur Jr., Tom Petty — all the classic rockers." As it may be infamous to throw the four guys together into the same bin of ‘big old gentleman rock’, it’s kinda true anyway. Because Grunge, Indie, Alternative Rock would probably be different, and definitely poorer without Dinosaur Jr.

    In the end of the text: "Finally! J Mascis has made a new album. And newly Playboy bunnies are music experts with a considerable knowledge, so is there new hope for the world?" The only rehabilitation for this thoughtless chauvinist muck may be that it was "only" a press info that has been written to praise J Mascis. Nevertheless, to assume it to be a positive utopia when it concerns scenarios, in which women are not only perceived as Playboy bunnies, but again only as the affirmative, randy looking fan, that’s simply incredible. These scenarios are a part of what we have to overcome, but in any case what we have to hate. Hate!

    Oh, and the large equipment of all these old gentlemen, where the authorization of rock arises. Historiography of and for asses. But Joseph Mascis isn’t responsible for that. Yes, and his tenth record is also and again "genuinly genuine". Whereby the anachronististic moment appears to be over-emphasized in some places. But the guitar wall is always pulled up, when you ask for something, what’s outside of the Mascis canon law. It doesn’t exist. Shouldn’t be. Isn’t necessary. Doesn’t go. Thus there are a few post Dinosaur song beads (the single "Everybody Let’s Me down") to add to the records in the disk cabinet and all certainties about the world and the artists are confirmed.

    author: Linus Volkmann



    Here’s another, yes, …really individual review of More Light, and a show review of J’s performance at the Popkomm music mass in the E-Werk, Cologne, 2001 from the same site:

    More Light/ show review :D

    * * * * *

    J. Mascis & The Fog More Light (city Slang/Zomba)

    you want news about stars? "swallow that"! Like my cousin used to say. Me at Popkomm (a big annual German Rock music mass in Cologne). First evening. Alcohol. Everything tastes good! And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are flogging themselves into my leather heart. Von Lowtzow is doing meanwhile his mixture out of Damon Albarn and Nick Cave and he succeeds with it. And then everything broke down for me. J. Mascis sits down with his much to long hair to the edge of stage on a chair, which is at least as old as him, and plays his music. One could notice, how the former years are passing by the ears of some of the people in the hall. And what do the so-called stage technicians of the E-Werk do? They’re doing light tests and change the stage for the homophobous Patrice.

    But hey, J. Mascis sings nevertheless – and these Prog metal workers without promotion and at present on the lookout for a new keyboarder for their band are hopping around on the stage and do technical reconstruction. They didn’t even feel a glimpse of respect. But J. plays the songs of his fantastic new album. He notices exactly, what’s happening behind his back – he’s not from yesterday. But he’s pulling through his program, while other posh rockers would have already been jumping around on stage, waving with their arms. But he plays and plays with full dignity and total devotion. From time to time one could hear, how screws of a drum kit are tightened or how a microphone is tested.

    But J. plays, as if it would be the first appearance on a school party, where one played the cover version of "Opel Gang" in total devotion – where also wasn’t any thought of stage technicians and jokes like that. We all felt attracted by J. – in this moment. Afterwards, when it was later and I had discovered him, I said to him that I was sorry that the people have treated him in such an unacceptable way. But he only said: "Cool, Son, everything goes its way. And ‘Mascis’ is pronounced differently."

    Then we sat outside in this garden of the E-Werk, and I tried over and over again to quote this line out of "Freakscene", with "fuck up" and the likes. I didn’t succeed, and he didn’t even laugh at me. I put my cell phone on table and said, it was such a thing like a public telephone box – and if he wants to call friends in the USA, then he could just go ahead. It would be an honour to me. He and his girlfriend thus considered, whom they could call, then they started to phone. They talked on several answering machines in that large city, New York.

    They talked to Kirk and Jane. And then his girlfriend said: "Hey, let’s call Thurston and Kim! Thus we rang up Thurston and Kim – and it was like always, when you call up Sonic Youth, then they’re not there. Thus I talked on their answering set, something about "Cologne stage technicians suck, but J did a great job" etc. J., can you hear me, actually? The evening was great, even if there was little too much trouble.

    And J. Mascis’ new record.
    It’s not too long, it’s not too short. It’s exactly right. On this record are the best songs, which he wrote since, say, about ten years. Hey, Indie folks of Cologne and beyond that, if you have a spark of good behaviour in you, buy this CD. First of all, because you’ll finally have a good one – besides the whole black burned material, which you’ll never listen to, anyway. And secondly, you in Cologne can make up for some of your guilt as you treated J Mascis that mean. I wanna see stickers on your Beetles, on your Moutainbikes, which you secretly feel ashamed for, on your all too small cell phones I want to see stickers, pasting over the keyboard. On your briefcases, which you drag to the university and back again, unused. And whereupon is to stand: "Wolfgang Antwerpes presents his apologizes to, and he recommends: J. Mascis! Or otherwise: I bought ‘More Light’ by J. Mascis, and I would do it again!" On my sticker stands: "I know, what J means, and I called Sonic Youth" All right, who has got the hottest sticker?

    Author: Thees Uhlmann

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