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    Hopefully more will start showing up but someone did post some footage of the encore of “Hey, Hey, My, My”

    J played “Cortez the Killer”. I hope that one gets uploaded!

    “Performers include: Joe Purdy, Joan Osborne, Bettye LaVette, J Mascis, Ben Ottewell, The Wood Brothers, Shawn Colvin, DeVotchKa, Mason Jennings, Nada Surf, Bebel Gilberto, Cowboy Junkies, Keller Williams, Glen Hansard, Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando, Aaron Neville, Jakob Dylan, Pete Yorn, The Roots and Patti Smith with Jesse Smith. “



    “Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis was the only artist of the night to truly channel the spirit of Crazy Horse. Backed by a tight three-piece band, he played a fuzzed-out “Cortez The Killer” that was absolutely smoking.”




    I couldn’t remember my old password so I am back with a new name. It sucks I work across the street from Carnagie Hall and I was planning on going but had to do a showcase that I got paid over $500 bucks for so I couldn’t turn it down but I could have scheduled it for next week, anyway, I love cortez the killer and whenever I heard Built to spill do it I always thought J could kill it and a couple of the songs on farm sound similar. Anyway it also sucks because I would have loved to catch up with Evan and Juliana and it looks from the video the George was there.



    Was debating going to see J sing the Amma songs tonight but think I will wait to see him next month do his new songs.



    welcome back 🙂 if you still have your email address you can get your old pw reset here – http://freakscene.net/forums/entry/passwordrequest

    I don’t think I could turn it down either. Evan & Juliana doing “Cinnamon Girl” would have been nice too. I hope some more footage or audio shows up from that show & from the Amma set. I am amazed that there was some up from the last show was posted since they are so small. – http://freakscene.net/forums/discussion/comment/130061

    Going to catch J with Kurt Vile at the Cat’s Cradle.



    Spin had the whole setlist up http://www.spin.com/articles/patti-smith-roots-j-mascis-honor-neil-young-live
    Neil Young tribute setlist:
    Joe Purdy, “Out on the Weekends”
    Joan Osborne, “Old Man”
    Bettye LaVette, “Heart of Gold”
    J Mascis, “Cortez the Killer”
    Ben Ottewell, “Unknown Legend”
    The Wood Brothers, “Sugar Mountain”
    Shawn Colvin, “Birds”
    Devotchka, “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”
    Mason Jennings, “Red Sun”
    Nada Surf, “Barstool Blues”
    Bebel Gilberto, “Harvest Moon”
    Cowboy Junkies, “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”
    Keller Williams, “Comes a Time”
    Glen Hansard, “Tell Me Why”
    Juliana Hatfield / Evan Dando, “Cinnamon Girl”
    Aaron Neville, “Helpless”
    Jakob Dylan, “Southern Man”
    Pete Yorn, “Rockin’ in the Free World”
    The Roots, “Down by the River”
    Patti & Jesse Smith, “It’s a Dream”

    All-Star Encores:
    “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)”



    Check out this site for some short Cortez footage.



    Amazing find @nickyjgarcia ! Thank you 🙂



    six months later still no video for this J-miracle?

    “Two minutes later, J Mascis, the bespectacled, long-gray-haired oddball of a frontman for alt-rock amp-busters Dinosaur Jr., plugged in and wailed “Cortez the Killer” so loud it could peel the gold paint from the buttresses, the crushed red velvet from the balcony seats.”




    I missed this. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ve been looking for footage of J playing with Tony Bennett from the Unplugged show in 1994…and nuthin’. The archives aren’t complete without these!



    The only person I know that has a copy of that Tony Bennett footage is J outside of the people at MTV that filmed it. Would love to see that too



    There is a clip of J playing “Cortez the Killer” up on tumblr – http://tumblrweeds.com/post/3372330941/j-mascis-doing-cortez-the-killer-at-the-neil



    Thanks a lot!

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