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    Breeders-So Sad About Us(The Who)
    Sebadoh-Everybody`s Been Burned(Byrds)
    X-Soul Kitchen(The Doors)
    Bangs-Southern Girls(Cheap Trick)
    The Blacks-Goin Out West(Tom Waits)
    Rein Sanction-Ain`t No Tellin(Jimi Hendrix)
    J Mascis-On The Run(Wipers)
    Social Distortion-Under My Thumb(Rolling Stones)
    Kathy McCarty-Sorry Entertainer(Daniel Johnston)
    Scrawl-Public Image(Public Image Limited)
    Buffalo Tom-Wah Wah(George Harrison)
    Ramones-Surf City(Beach Boys)
    Yo La Tengo-Somebody`s Baby(Jackson Browne)
    Babes In Toyland-All By Myself(Eric Carmen)
    White Stripes-Death Letter(Son House)
    Low-Back Home Again(John Denver)
    Sleater Kinney-More Than A Feeling(Boston)


    Bucky Ramone

    Some cool covers indeed SG! (apart from the Buffalo Tom one: great band, not so great cover….)



    How about the Pixies version of Head On and Louie Louie by Black Flag?



    or Lemonheads Luka (Suzanne Vega) or Different Drum (Micky Dolenz or is it the other one Ill have a look when I get home!) or that Big Star one on the live at the brattle theatre cd with the accompanying country and western covers cd or Frank Mills I think its off the hair musical. I think Evan Dando needs to write more of his own stuff!!
    Dinosaur Jr have done their fair share of covers too! Not that Im complaining, most are better than the originals. Monster Magnet No Fun (Iggy Pop)




    Wonder Stuff – Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls)
    The Vines – Ms Jackson (Outcast)
    My Mate Dave’s Bands cover of Fat Boy Slims Rockerfella Skank (classic)

    And some shite…
    Bloke out of Tears for Fears – Creep
    Stereophics – Hand Bags And Glad Rags (Rod Stewart) ok by definition it was going to be shite….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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