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    Well, I’m going to Philly and NYC for sure, and I plan on bringing along my videocamera, a Sony MiniDV camera, and a Sony Mic, shows always come out sweet with these. I know other people are planning to tape various shows, hopefully they all get recorded somehow.

    So what shows are you planning to record and in what formats?

    Freesofree is gonna rule this summer!



    im videotaping D.C. and Boston most likely. Gonna need someone to tag team with me on the audio tip though.



    im doing audio for dc



    I’ll be doing audio in Boston, I hope, on a sony minidisc recorder.

    Can’t wait. 13 years between shows is too damn long! :)



    i’ll being rolling audio for atlanta and chapel hill.

    akg 481 > w-mod ua-5 > njb3

    so is taping gonna be pretty much open? is it a good idea to confirm ahead of time some how? man… i can’t wait!



    If all is allowed by the band, my friend will have a Neumann KM 184>V2>JB3 setup at the ATL show. I’m guessing my other friend will be there with his AKG 483>HHB.

    The Nuemann KM 184 will be sent over to freakscene pretty quickly after I would imagine, just like he did with the Georgia Fog shows last year.

    I really do not like this venue though, but at least they have a new PA.

    kracked873: my friend that did the audio taping for the Middle East show will probably be at the Boston show doing it again. I could put you in touch ahead of time with her if you want to make sure.

    I am pretty sure my friends will be at the Norva taping as well.



    all of this sounds really good.




    I’d like to go to the Norva show, I’d be coming in from out of town.
    I would need someplace to crash the night in Norfolk.
    Can anyone put me up for that night ???



    i ‘m bringing my mini dv to atlanta. i’d like to pass off my analog palmcorder to someone so i’d have some extra footage to work with while editing.
    if anyone can meet me right before the show and get the camera, i’d be happy to mail you a dvd of any footage you captured and whatever i manage to put together afterwards. i’ll also upload it to freesofree. if i can get some decent audio, i may be able to put together a pretty good amateur video of this. i posted on freesofree, but nobody seemed interested.
    any takers?



    i have 2 xtra tix for chapel hill. asking face. pm me if interested.



    Hey , Theyalways come, I know someone who can help but he needs a ticket.
    Do you have an extra ticket? I wish I could help but am temporarily unavailable.



    unfortunately no, i don’t have a ticket. thanks for trying to help though.



    Posted this in another thread, but as of right now the 9:30 folks in DC are saying no recording, regardless of audio or video. Trying to work it out with all parties involved. Will be doing Audio regardless.

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