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    hey yall-had a few beers danite-so if this has been asked and answered somewhere please point away…
    it seems to me i remember J played on saturday night live w/ the band on nbc awhile ago-
    is that available anywhere?
    he only played during the breaks but what he was doin w/ the band sounded great and i would love to hear what all he done did that nite. :lol:
    what are my chances of hearin it?



    hi. I asked a related question here, a while ago, and will try to find the thread later. What I remember from the answers is that J played in an episode where Christina Aguilera was guest.



    What I saw was J playing Out There guitar parts with the snl band. It was the aguilera guesting, Christopher Walken was the host :aliensmile:

    J was so cute at the end, standing with the cast members waving goodbye… :mrgreen:



    so… i wasnt hallucinating that nite :|
    it was so cool hearin J w/ that big band, even if it was just short bursts-surely there is someone-somewhere who has a complete audio of that nite’s house band stuff w/ J.
    how to get a hold of it… :wink:
    s 8)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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