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    If I knew Billy Corgan in a past life, and after listening to two of his albums, I could
    swear the man wrote the All American Rejects singles. I don’t know why I feel this way.
    The Smashing Pumpkins were never the top of my list of bands. I couldn’t help but
    laugh when Zwan released an acoustic number of Honestly. I remember when a girl
    sat in front of me at the movies in a dress like Darcy wore in the Disarm video. Ogley
    missed that movie in the early 90’s . I caught them live in New York on TV Friday
    Night. I had to take a trip back and watch the Specials Rudy video to continue the
    thought. Do you know Corgan covered a Number Of The Beast song when he was a
    lot younger……..Maybe there will be great music again one day. Misfits with jerry
    Only is better I think. Devil’s Rain is superb.

    Anyone heard the new Oceania?

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