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    Did you know there is a band named Sludgefeast? They must be taking their name from the Dino Jr. song. Check out their website at

    They sound kind of like the Stooges but more grungy.





    cool find, FogLight! :)
    I’ll take a closer look to that site when I’ve got some time.



    Hey -Foglight, this band rules!! I like this sound alot. Thanks for the link. :) 8) What is this thing mounted on the body of the teisco orbit 3 though? Does any dozin know? It looks fun. :)


    I think it’s a good name for a band, it’s pre Without A Sound. I would take Three Doors Down off the charts with this, but that’s just my opinion. :? :?: It’s raw. The band has a superstitious flow, and that’s good for warding off evil with the acceptance of it. Trade me to them…



    Bucky Ramone


    king of the arcade will be released on march the 1st, initialy limited to 1000 copies at the fucking stupid price point of £4.99 or so….. we dont know if we will press more than the initial 1000 so if you want one I would suggest you grab it fast…

    …from their website at 8)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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