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    individual tour buses… ???


    Sludge Feast
    The return of Dinosaur Jr.


    Dinosaur Jr. would have been Nirvanaâ€â€


    "Coma Girl " wrote:
    “I enjoy it now, I really enjoy it,� he says. “Back then I was playing by the seat of my pants. I was so concerned with not fucking up a drum part, whereas now I can kick back and listen to the songs and I can execute ideas.�

    i notice murph definetely goes off alot more than he did in the 80s, his fills are crazy and hes not afraid to change up a beat or modify it to his likings these days. it rocks. he seems/looks really happy and gives off mad energy.

    at the northampton pearl street show his glasses went flying into the crowd while he was playing and after the song they had a murph glasses search and someone found em haha. then at the new york they came flying off again and landed over near j, then lou was like "murph has learned to project his glasses into the crowd whilst he plays"


    [email protected]

    I will be at this show for sure.
    fuck yes
    i can;t wait



    they dont have seperate tour busses.in atlanta they had one HUGE bus. i guess the tour is doin so well that they went out and rented two more busses? ::) yeah right…



    Good spelling on my initial topic…Slude, edit coming up :o

    I got lost in downtown Minneapolis the afternoon of the show, knew my way around from the Quest club so I made my way there, saw the very cool tour bus out front, with Lou standing outside of it. Didn’t see 3 tour buses, think it’s just the writers way of highlighting that whole conflict/tension deal… ???

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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