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    do you think J likes being labelled a slacker?

    I mean, he probably doesn’t care, and i wouldn’t, but what do you reckon he thinks about what is said about him?

    ‘confusion is sex’



    As any other person I think he appreciates it when someone likes what he’s doing. And as for being labeled a slacker or whatever. It’s best just to shut it out and don’t waste karma thinking about it.

    "I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details."
    -Albert Einstein




    I have read that J does not like to be called a slacker….

    But what do you call a guy who is plastered on the cover of SPIN magazine with headline "Is J Mascis God?" and in the article inside the magazine we learn that he still lives with his parents? The perception of the average person who read that article is predictable. They would think J is a slacker. So what do you think? Was that image calculated. I think so. I think J thought that image was the ultimate cool statement and the height of his achievement as far as presenting him self to the general public!

    I don’t think J is lazy. He just seems to like being in control I think. But he seems to gain that control by slowing things down to a pace that makes most people itchy and wanting to scratch. Meanwhile J is busy getting the foundation of what he wants to do just the way he wants it so he can build something nice and sturdy.

    The man lives a totally different life from the rest of us! That’s why it’s always cool to check out what he’s doing!

    (I hope my dogma did not piss on anyones karma… Sometimes it just runs off with the leash!)



    I don’t really think he cares. Very few true musicians, and by that I mean outside of the likes of pop music, really care about image. It’s about music. Now, if someone called his music "slacker music," then I think he might be ticked.



    We had a pretty little discussion about this before too –

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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