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    humble joe

    Finally! I find the site of my dreams- this one!

    I’ve been trying to follow bands of what might be called the ‘US Underground’ for a while now. It’s no easy task. Dinosaur Jr are I guess the archetype of the kind of band i like. On my adventures I got into Pixies, Sebadoh, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips, Shellac, That Dog.

    I love these bands and would like to know more of this kind. What are you into guys? Where do I go next?

    i love you!



    I guess I should have mentioned some sites that you can check out some of this music at.
    Listen.com will help you search for tunes you can hear on the net.type in the artist in the box and they`ll tell you what site has some songs by them.
    Launch.com is a cool site for music videos.They let you watch one video then you have to fill out a register form to join,it`s free.
    Some of the videos I`ve been checking out recently:
    Varnaline-No Decision No Disciple
    Bettie Serveert-Rudder
    Eleventh Dream Day-I Could Be Lost
    Seam-Sweet Pea

    They have some Sebadoh,Pavement,Flaming Lips,and I think That Dog videos so you`ll problably check that out.

    If you have any questions about any of the bands I`ve mentioned,post a message here and I`ll get back to you later.




    You have definitely reached a good site for recommendations and suggestions…not bad selection so far for you to check out.

    My recommendation is….Funhouse by The Stooges…huge influence on Mascis. Mascis and the Fog covered more than a few off this one during the last tour…very very cool. Ron Asheton even played with them on several of the later shows… [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    I second what the rest have said…welcome to the boards. Let us know what you think of the suggestions…I pretty much love them all.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    ps Hellacopters…High Visiblity…you won’t be disappointed



    I did`nt mention The Stooges because I knew Allison would.Deffinitely check them out.
    Allison`s our resident punk rock historian.


    humble joe

    Hey cheers guys. This place is fantasic!

    i might go with a bit of Guided by Voices first. I was looking into them but didn’t know what record to get. Alien Lanes? There is a CD of Vampire on Titus/ Propellor available here- would that be good?

    Thanks again.

    Oh yeah, I like Fugazi.



    Yeah,GBV`s Vampire On Titus/Propeller is great,as well as B1000.
    Fugazi`s cool;13 songs is my fav.

    I noticed you mentioned the Beatles in your profile;check out Yo La Tengo`s "Tom Courtnay" video at launch.com it`s YLT playing a opening gig for the reunited Beatles.
    Their "Sugarcube" video is worth seeing as well.
    also on a Beatles note,check out a band called the Olivia Tremor Control,their album "Dusk At Cubist Castle,music from the unrealized film";it sounds like Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles.


    Bucky Ramone

    I think that ‘Bee Thousand’ is GBV’s best, but ‘Alien Lanes’ is certainly a great album!


    The Dude

    if i were you nige, i would skip "vampire on titus" for now and pick up "alien lanes" or "bee thousand" first. those two are a lot easier to get into. also, as far as built to spill goes, i would also skip their live album and pick up either "keep it like a secret" or "perfect from now on". aside from their live record, you can’t go wrong with this band. you also should really check out anything by wilco. they just totally rule. the names of their albums are: "AM", "Being There", and "Summerteeth", all classics. i also think you’d probably like any Beck material before "Midnite Vultures", "Mellow Gold" especially. Next, you’ll want to get something by the Replacements, preferably "Tim" or "Don’t Tell A Soul". Weezer too, anything by Weezer is a must.



    I agree on the Replacements-Tim,great album.
    GBV`s Vampire/Propeller is harder to get into then b100 or Alien Lanes but worth hearing too.
    Built To Spill`s live album is a good intro to their music,I agree that Perfect and Keep It are great too,but I think that live album shows how great they are,can`t say much good about their new album,some good tunes though.
    Wilco is good if you like alt country stuff,some of their stuff is`nt so country plus they toured before with REM,since you said in your profile you like them Wilco you may like.
    Beck and Weezer are well known so I`m sure you know their music.

    one more note about Fugazi,there`s a video concert by them at epitonic.com it runs almost an hour,recorded last year at an outdoor concert in San Fransisco.click on the live shows or video section on the left.



    Hey Nige

    U can Try Modest Mouse
    Very Popular here on this Site
    For Some Cool Sounds click Here



    Nige-check out these bands and albums:
    Built To Spill-Live
    Modest Mouse-The Lonesome Crowded West
    Mogwai-Young Team
    Guided By Voices-Alien Lanes
    Buffalo Tom-Let Me Come Over
    Eric`s Trip-Love Tara
    My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
    Husker Du-New Day Rising
    Sleater Kinney-Dig Me Out


    humble joe

    This just gets better and better! All these names! I waited so long for this kind of stuff, all to be found here!

    Someone mentioned Husker Du. i got ‘candy apple grey’ which I think is frankly awful. Is that just a bad album?

    Yeah I like Beck and Weezer of course. I only have Red Medicine by Fugazi. I’ll update my profile.

    Alien Lanes is next then! (Bee Thousand is deleted here).



    I hope Allison does`nt keel over when she sees what you said about Candy Apple Grey;bad album?no way!give it another listen!
    I chose New Day Rising because it`s one of the greatest albums there is.Candy Apple Grey is pretty great as well,I even used a lyric from "Crystal" in a high school exam-"Civilization falls in it`s grave technology throws over the dirt"

    Sometimes I say that I don`t like an album that somebody else likes,it`s just taste I guess like for example den buck`s fav album this year I did`nt care much for.

    Give Candy Apple Grey another try though,if you still don`t like it it`s ok,if it`s not in your taste that`s fine,we tried to turn Not2amused(Spaceboy) on to Husker`s solo bands and he did`nt like them.




    Didn’t keel over from the anti Candy Apple Grey slag but did let loose a huge GASP. Like Salamiguy said try it again it is a classic in every sense…Don’t want to know if your lonely, Sorry Somehow, Dead set on destruction and Hardly getting over it…absolutely kill me every time. Crystal sends me screaming though…yikes. But hey not everyone likes the same sounds, ie to each his own. One of the great things about this site is that people respect the differences between them in music, films, books and even cartoons and recognize that we all come from different spaces and times. So hopefully you can find some other sounds people have suggested that will work for you.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/aliensmile.gif[/img]




    At least we agree on Warehouse, I still think the songs I mentioned are classics off CAG. Recently saw Grant Hart and he did
    Don’t Want To Know and Sorry Somehow…stunning. I agree a couple of songs don’t quite cut it but still a classic to me.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/aliensmile.gif[/img]

    Ps Just heard Bob played some songs off CAG at his show on the 24th in Chicago…man I can’t believe I had to miss that show…sucks

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