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    I have a fuzzmunchkin guitar pedal signed by j mascis himself. If you don’t know about this pedal it is a limited edition fuzz pedal reverse engineered from mascis own big ram fuzz pedal. It is made to sound exactly like his pedal. Tym used all the same transistors and equipment that’s js pedal had in it. J used this pedal on his cover of Nirvanas ‘school’ after Nirvanas rock and roll hall of fame induction. I had It signed by him in Ann Arbor Michigan before his show at the blind pig in 2014, he was not very nice in person and I’m in desperate need of funds so iam selling it. There was only 300 of these made….I have the original box and receipt along with a t-shirt that came with it. The shirt will cost extra I you want it. My email is [email protected] contact me there for the price

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    Sorry about your bad experience with J. I think what a lot of fans don’t understand is that J is an extreme introvert and you have to accept somethings and figure out how to talk to him. He’s been pretty cool with me, taking pictures and talking for a little bit. Once I realize I’m as far as I can go I say, “Thanks J, Have a great show!” Take it easy man. It’s nothing against you. J is not much for random walk up chit chat, drop everything and meet the fans and I think that’s ok.



    I also am sorry to hear about the bad experience with J. Maybe just caught him at a bad time. I remember in one or two of his books Henry Rollins saying something about how he understands that while on the road, it can be hard to be nice all the time so he himself is often hesitant to meet his musical heroes because he knows he might feel let down – which is probably also why he tries so hard to be friendly toward his own fans. Not everyone can do that.

    The peddle sounds cool! Good luck!

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