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    MAGNETmagazine :)

    …here are the most important parts of the review:

    J Mascis, Cobra Verde
    New Bomb Turks, Cheats, Shiver

    Pittsburgh, PA, October 16, 2002

    REEEEEEEEEE … When was the last time it had been this bad? Jesus, probably 18 years ago. Second row for Van Halen’s 1984 tour. Those mountains of Marshall amps. The concern, obviously, is the potential permanence of the situation. Hell, look at Dave Pirner and Pete Townshend. Of course, their tinnitus came after years of exposure to high volumes, not after one night at two concerts, earplugs lying forgotten at home in the bathroom drawer, with several beers erasing the good judgment to at least stick cocktail napkins in the ears. REEEEEEEEEE …

    Despite what the header may imply, this wasn’t some sort of rock ‘n’ roll/punk extravaganza in Pittsburgh. No, in a town that rarely gets one good national act within a matter of weeks, J Mascis and the New Bomb Turks hit separate venues on the same goddamn night. Which presents quite a dilemma: On the one hand, there’s the slacker guitar genius of Mascis, touring behind Free So Free, possibly his finest release to date. On the other, you have punk underground legends the New Bomb Turks on their final tour. Ever.

    At show number one, Cobra Verde starts the night off with its inspired, if sloppy, brand of bar rock. Former backers of Bob Pollard in Guided By Voices, the Ohioans prove to be a fine rock ‘n’ roll band in their own right, from the infectious opener, “Underpantsâ€



    thanks for posting that. man that pisses me off though. not only did the guy not bother to find out the "Cobra Verde drummer’s" effing NAME, the only one left from the Cobra Verde lineup who used to back GBV is John Petkovic—and they haven’t used the GBVerde lineup nor done anything with GBV in like FIVE ENTIRE YEARS!!! grrrrrrr :evil:



    yes, not the most fantastic or best informed show review ever, but what can you do :roll:

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