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    Found this show review while I was trying to find some info on the show last w/e in Ann Arbor….better than nothing I guess. We all by now have read Watt’s spin on the Halloween show, here is another review

    pretty good review. Still looking for the Ann Arbor info, if anyone finds any info please post…its killing me…ahhhh I still can’t believe Ron Asheton appeared with Mascis.


    ps if this has already been posted I apologize

    J Mascis and the Fog
    The Middle East
    Cambridge, MA

    Riding high on the open arms acceptance of his new album More Light, J. Mascis delivered a high-octane, no-nonsense set that showcased his ever-evolving songwriting prowess and ripping, syrup-and-broken glass guitar style. He paraded the best songs off More Light with characteristic professionalism, using his guitar and effects pedals as extensions of his seemingly instinctive creativity. The familiar fuzzy crunch of his chords and adventurous spirit of his oftentimes fluid and virtuosic leads were ear candy for the 500-plus souls (some in costume, many not) who filled The Middle East basement on All Hallow’s Eve. J’s return, not only to the world of indie music and college radio, but to this legendary club in his home state of Massachusetts was tremendously well received; a joyous celebration of do-it-yourself Rock and Roll.

    Injecting a healthy dose of fresh new material from the start, J made it apparent that the night would be a step forward and not a Dinosaur Jr. retrospective. He brought bass hero Mike Watt (whose jack-o-lantern headgear disguised his face but not his rock-solid bottom end and customary flannel button down) to Boston as a member of his new touring band the Fog, ensuring prompt delivery of the driving, wall-of-sound euphoria the fans would expect. Unfortunately, Watt’s muffled backing vocals failed “Sameday,â€

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